Actor receives a moving eulogy

Good evening for Antonio Banderas: At the Hollywood Film Awards, he was joined by daughter Stella and ex-step-daughter Dakota Johnson. Actress Antonio Banderas (59, “Security”) walked the red carpet of the Hollywood Film Awards on Sunday evening with his daughter Stella Banderas (23). Arm in arm they posed for the photographers, before it finally went […]

At the opera gala she came in male accompaniment

Luna Schweiger has been in love again since last year. The daughter of Til Schweiger now came to the opera gala for the German AIDS Foundation in Berlin, accompanied by an attractive young gentleman. Luna Schweiger , 22, did not come alone to the opera gala for the German AIDS Foundation last Saturday (November 2) in […]

First statement about Laura Müller and the jungle camp

Claudia Norberg, the ex Michael Wendler, would obviously have no problem meeting Laura Müller in the jungle camp. The new friend of her still-husband has already met her. Claudia Norberg , 48, does not seem to care much about the topic around her ex Michael Wendler , 47, and his new friend Laura Müller , […]

US musician has become a father again

In March, Chance the Rapper announced offspring, now it’s here. The US musician is happy about the birth of his second daughter. Chance the rapper (26, “No Problem”) in luck: The American musician has become father of a daughter for the second time. On Instagram, the 26-year-old’s wife, Model Kirsten Bennett (26), took a snapshot […]

Separation after four years of marriage

Actress Zooey Deschanel and husband Jacob Pechenik have separated after four years of marriage. Separated from Zooey Deschanel, 39, and Jacob Pechenik, 47. The “New Girl” actress and her husband have officially confirmed their marriage-off. Separation at Zooey Deschanel The actress and the producer announced their split after four years of marriage on Friday, September […]

15 years after the end of her talk show: she just has not aged!

From 1994 to 2004, presenter Arabella Kiesbauer delighted in her talk show with exciting guests and funny stories. After that, at least in Germany, it was quiet around the hearty Viennese. We asked what she does today – and how she thinks about the end of her show “Arabella” Her eponymous talk show on ProSieben […]

“So bad”: That’s why her son Diego does not want to introduce his girlfriend

Actually, Verona Pooth and her son Diego are a heart and a soul. But on a topic gets the mother-son relationship cracks: Diego’s girlfriend! Verona Pooth (51) wears her heart on her tongue. It does not mince words, and is open and direct in every way. Exactly this character trait could be the fate of […]

Bitter evil attack on the net: “Give Irina back her Bradley Cooper!”

A few weeks ago, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk publicized their breakup. Rumor has it that this is an affair with Lady Gaga. It is bombarded in the network of Irina’s fans now with nasty comments. It has only been a few weeks since Hollywood star Bradley Cooper (44) and Russian model Irina Shayk (33) […]

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