Your husband almost missed the birth of Baby # 2

Sila Sahin is in luck with her baby: a few days ago her second baby was born. But at birth she almost had to give up her husband Samuel Radlinger.

Last week, Tuesday, July 2, Sila Sahin , 33 , announced the sweet news via Instagram: baby number two was born on June 26th. With details of the birth, the actress held back for now – until now.

Sila Sahin: She reveals details about the birth

In an Instagram livestream of her night-sister colleague Marc Dumitru , 33, on Monday night, Sila Sahin has now revealed some questions about the birth of her second child. Among other things, that her husband Samuel Radlinger , 26, arrived in the hospital shortly before birth. When asked whether the footballer made it to the delivery room on time, the 33-year-old responded: “Yes, he was close to being there.” However, the former GZSZ actress has not revealed more, and the name of Elijah’s brother should remain a secret for the time being.

Surprising lightning pregnancy

The second pregnancy was a great gift for the actress. “I was surprised that my baby bump, which I had since the birth of my son Elija six months ago, so did not go away.” After a doctor’s visit then the big surprise: Sila Sahin is pregnant again! In March 2019, she said goodbye again to the baby break, for the new RTL series “Night Sisters” she stood for a total of four months in front of the camera.