Five moments you did not see on TV

At the Oscars, the stars are tracked at every turn by TV cameras. Nevertheless, there are moments that the TV viewers did not get to see. Fortunately, there are cameras and eyewitnesses, thanks to which we now know what we have missed in front of the screen

Rami Malek and Lady Gaga on a cuddly course

Five moments you did not see on TV

Do you remember the heartwarming scene during the Golden Globes when Rami Malek, 37, arrived intimidated at the table of Lady Gaga, 32, and barely dared to look her in the eye? At the Oscars it was in a commercial break much more familiar between the two. For the first time, the fashion look at Malek looks right and puts the fly right.

Then you may give the 37-year-old even a peck on the cheek. What is he more pleased about at the end of the night: his new girlfriend or the Oscar for “Best Actor” for “Bohemian Rhapsody”?

Standing Ovations for Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

It’s a moment of goose bumps: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper , 44, sing the ballad “Shallow” live to their joint movie “A Star is Born”. He is nominated in the category “Best Film Song”. There are standing ovations in the audience for her appearance – even after the show has long been in commercial break.

Everyone loves Marie Kondo

Five moments you did not see on TV

She is not an actress, but she still makes millions of people happy in the world: Clean-up Queen Marie Kondo , 34, known from the Netflix documentary “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”. She is the first time at the Oscars and thrilled the net. “Why is Marie Kondo at the Oscars? I can not anymore!” a Userin writes enthusiastically.

Another says to a photo that shows the Japanese enthusiastically on the Red Carpet: “There is nothing that awakens more joy in me than Marie Kondo, for which it is so exciting to attend Oscars!”

Even the Academy itself has a brisk slogan about the 34-year-old in stock. She jokes on her official Twitter account: “Attention to all Oscar guests! Please keep the Red Carpet clean. Marie Kondo is here and we try to make a good first impression.”

Jenifer Lewis takes off his shoes

Five moments you did not see on TV

Whoever comes to the Oscars, comes in Schnack and Lack. This also applies to actress Jenifer Lewis. But she is so fed up with her high heels that she takes off her clothes before the beginning of the ceremony and walks barefoot in the Dolby Theater, writes a reporter from “E! Online”.

Rami Malek flops off the stage

He wins his first golden boy for his portrayal of the late “Queen” singer Freddie Mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody”: Rami Malek (“Best Actor”). “This is a monumental moment for me,” says the actor visibly moved in his acceptance speech. It must have been monumental for him as well, which later happened during the ceremony: Malek slips off the stage and falls into the auditorium! He even glides his Oscar from his hand. A man helps the perplexed actor. That show photos of the moment.

Five moments you did not see on TV

At first glance, the 37-year-old seems to have weathered his small accident well: he laughs again standing on two legs.

Five moments you did not see on TV

As the Los Angeles Times writes, the Dolby Theater paramedics team is still there to help and ask Malek to sit in a chair. Afterwards he will be checked backstage. Later the all-clear: Rami Malek has suffered no serious injuries in the stage-Plumpser. The reason for the fall is unknown. Maybe it was on the smooth floor.