“So bad”: That’s why her son Diego does not want to introduce his girlfriend

Actually, Verona Pooth and her son Diego are a heart and a soul. But on a topic gets the mother-son relationship cracks: Diego’s girlfriend!

Verona Pooth (51) wears her heart on her tongue. It does not mince words, and is open and direct in every way. Exactly this character trait could be the fate of the young presenter, who continues to cause a sensation with her sexy outfits until today – and this with her own son Diego (15). In the interview with “rtl.de” the teenager has confessed that it was “so bad” for him if he had to introduce his girlfriend at home. Does his open-hearted mom feel embarrassed ?

Diego puts his mom in the barriers

While Verona can hardly wait to finally get to know Diego’s first love, the teenie turns. “I have not introduced a friend to my mother yet. I will never do that either. No way, that will not work, “explains the 15-year-old in an interview. The reason for him seems to be in the very engaging nature of his mum. “That is so bad. Other mothers are not interested. They just say hello and goodbye, but you … no way. “

Verona, too, seems to know what Diego’s nightmare scenario is. “You’re just scared that I’ll sit next to her and say, ‘You’re so cute. It’s so great that you’re there and I still have a sweater, you could wear it too, “” adorns the sexy advertising model from the situation.

Who is Diego’s New?

So far Diego’s private life remains a well-kept secret. Not even his own mom knows if he currently has a girlfriend or not. “No idea what he’s up to. With Diego, I can only say that if there is one, then he kept it top-secret. But – that’s my opinion, “she admits in front of the camera. And then Mama Verona puts it on top and reveals that Diego is not exactly easy about his love life either. “You are also picky. Anyone will not come into your house, “claims the 51-year-old turned to her son.

Nevertheless, Verona is already looking forward to Diego’s girlfriend. It remains exciting, if and when it comes to the meeting of all encounters. But if Diego still lives in the Hotel Mama remains questionable . He also has his stubborn head.