A step in the right direction! Ex Brad Pitt is allowed to spend the summer with the kids

Since 2016, the dream couple Hollywood’s Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are separated. Since then, there has been a war of roses between the two. But now they seem to be quite conciliatory and Brad seems to be able to see the children.

First he should have beaten the children, then they should have given them alcohol. Between Brad Pitt (55) and Angelina Jolie (44) prevail negative tension since the separation in 2016. However, they should dissolve slowly. As an insider of the newspaper “thesun.co.uk” reported, the actor should not only see his children at the moment, but go on holiday with them.

“A huge step for her and the children”

The disputes were always about who gets the custody of the six children. When Brad Pitt met Angelina Jolie, in 2005 he adopted the adopted children of the actress: Maddox (17) and Zahara (14).

Now Jolie took a step toward her ex. “Angelina will spend much of the summer shooting, so she turned to Brad and gave him the opportunity to take care of the children. This is a huge step for her and the children who have had little time with Brad since the breakup, “the insider said. Brad Pitt is overjoyed.

Angelina Jolie leaves the past behind

Obviously, the actor has missed the time with his children a lot. Because the insider reveals: “He has invited his parents, Jane and William, to live with them in his villa in LA, so that they can spend the family time together.”

Previously, there were still rumors that Angelina wanted to delay the divorce process to recover Brad. The Hollywood actor, however, has already completed it. He said so loud “thesun.co.uk” so by asking the judge to set a deadline. Now Angelina seems to have finished with that and looks to the future.