Dieter Bohlen on the hit star: “I think many do not know that”

They are among the top stars in the German music industry: Now Dieter Bohlen chatted about Helene Fischer in an interview. The two know each other personally.

He is called because of his decades of success in the music business Poptitan, she is considered for years as the queen of German Schlager. Clear that Dieter Bohlen (65) and Helene Fischer (34) know each other personally. In an interview with Radio Hamburg, the producer spoke about the singer who visited him two years ago in his hometown of Tötensen.

Helene Fischer suffered a terrible flop

“That’s relatively small, but it’s really cute and looks unvarnished really good,” says Dieter. Then the conversation comes on the singer’s latest single: “Your English song ‘See you again’ sounds a bit like the Moldovan Grand Prix review.”

Probably much to the horror of the otherwise so successful interpreter flopped the song , which is the title song to the film “Dream Factory”.

The 65-year-old has an idea why the song did not arrive with the fans: “I explain the problem to you. That’s because of the English, the only reason is English. Many great artists have already tried, like (…) Grönemeyer and then wanted to storm the store in England or America. “And he goes on to say:” I think if she released an English-language album in America – then she would that maybe six people buy. She is German, she is great, she sings great. Of course you can sing English as a bonus track on the album for the fans, “he suggests.

And then the listeners even hear something about Helene Fischer, which should surely be new to many: “I think that many do not even know that,” suggests Dieter, “Helene actually wanted to be an English-speaking pop singer. She was then offered everywhere, at every record company in Germany and they all refused. And when nothing was left over, they said, Come, let’s do it in German. ‘”

However, she did not become a star right away: “Then it was a long way to go and then the Breakthrough came with ‘breathless’, with a relative pop number,” explains the music expert. “And since then she makes probably the most modern German hit that anyone ever makes. She does a show on stage, that’s amazing.