First statement about Laura Müller and the jungle camp

First statement about Laura Müller and the jungle camp

Claudia Norberg, the ex Michael Wendler, would obviously have no problem meeting Laura Müller in the jungle camp. The new friend of her still-husband has already met her.

Claudia Norberg , 48, does not seem to care much about the topic around her ex Michael Wendler , 47, and his new friend Laura Müller , 19. There is no other way to explain that Claudia looks quite relaxed towards a possible, two-week flat-sharing with Laura. In contrast to the Wendler!

Michael Wendler reaches out

It is about the jungle camp 2020. RTL and the production company ITV wanted to after the relationship dispute between the ex-pair Evelyn Burdecki , 31, and Domenico de Cicco , 36, put this year on it and therefore came, according to “picture” on the ingenious Idea to put the ex and the current of Michael Wendler together in the camp. Record ratings would be pre-programmed.

But when the pop singer got wind of this plan, he reached out. As “Bild” continues to write, Michael Wendler reacted immediately and demanded a dissolution of the existing contract with his girlfriend Laura Müller or a cancellation to Claudia Norberg. ITV then allegedly decided for Claudia, which is why Laura Müller will not be in the jungle camp now .

Claudia Norberg gives Laura a chance

But while the Wendler and his Laura have no desire for a clash in front of running cameras, Claudia would apparently be able to get involved easily. “She loves my new husband, but we do not know each other, for me she would be a person I would meet again,” Claudia told “”. But in fact, Claudia and Laura have met once before: “I met her once, I sat with her for an hour, but there I had a discussion with Michael, I give each person a chance, I like people, I am very open and unbiased. “

A mud fight between the ex and the new in the jungle would have it, if it goes to Claudia, so not given? Unfortunately we will not know that anymore.