Bitter evil attack on the net: “Give Irina back her Bradley Cooper!”

A few weeks ago, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk publicized their breakup. Rumor has it that this is an affair with Lady Gaga. It is bombarded in the network of Irina’s fans now with nasty comments.

It has only been a few weeks since Hollywood star Bradley Cooper (44) and Russian model Irina Shayk (33) publicly announced their breakup . Immediately speculation went round, the reason for this was an affair between Bradley and his ” A Star Is Born ” co-star Lady Gaga (33).

Even during the filming of the film it should have cracked between the two. After their fiery Oscar performance, many were sure: between the two is something and more than just colleagues. Closely entwined they sat together at the piano and sang the duet “Shallow”. In addition, rumors now came that Gaga had already moved in with Cooper . Now Irina came to help thousands of her Russian compatriots.

“We have returned the Crimea, now you return Bradley”
Under Lady Gaga’s latest Instagram photo explodes the comment section. Apparently, Irina’s compatriots have decided that Gaga is definitely the reason for their separation and has become a flash mob. Several thousand women have made it their mission to let the singer know that they disagree. Meanwhile, more than 170,000 hate comments, most in Cyrillic script, have accumulated under the photo.

With sentences like “We’ve returned the Crimea, now you’re giving Bradley back,” and “Our Irina still has longer legs than you,” they protect the Russian model. Another writes: “She has no pictures with bears, does not know how to operate a nuclear reactor and in her music the kids listen to vodka”. Everyone agrees: Bradley Cooper is to go back to Irina Shayk.

The comments are hopefully just funny and maybe they bring the newly separated Irina a little laugh. Definitely a good feeling when so many people protect and defend you.