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‘Insecure’ Star Amanda Seales Says She ‘Always Protected’ Issa Rae Even Though She Wouldn’t Promote Her Solo Show | Video

“I’ve never talked about this publicly because it has always been incredibly important to me to protect Issa,” the actress admits “Insecure” star Amanda Seales has spoken out about the longstanding, rumored tension between her and writer, producer and businesswoman Issa Rae. She said Wednesday that Rae never felt she […]

Covid-19 may also show up on the skin

Pustules, blisters, itchy spots: An infection with the new corona virus can also leave traces on the skin. Analyzes show which symptoms can indicate Covid-19. Although the novel  corona virus  has been spreading rapidly around the world for many months, there are still many unknown factors relating to the pathogen. This also applies to […]

Researchers find approach to corona drug

It is still not fully understood how the coronavirus infects human cells and uses them to multiply. Frankfurt researchers examined this in more detail – and also found possible therapeutic approaches. Researchers at Goethe University Frankfurt have discovered a possible therapeutic approach against Covid-19 . In the laboratory, they analyzed how the pathogen SARS-CoV-2 changes human […]

Trump threatens Beijing to cut ties completely

The US is increasing pressure on China. In the corona pandemic, US President Donald Trump is now openly threatening to cut ties. He would rather not talk to the Chinese president at the moment. US-President Donald Trump has tightened the tone in the dispute with China over the handling of the coronavirus […]

Bicycle transport by car

Bicycle transport by car

Up on the roof or at the stern? Taking the bike with you on the road, you should take some safety precautions. The most important thing at a glance: Stuttgart (dpa / tmn) – Who transports bicycles by car, they must assemble safely according to the Highway Code. They must not slip or […]

Chinese Space Vehicle

China is not only catching up with the development of conventional road vehicles , but also in space, the emerging nation is active. The Chinese Jade Hare 2 is the first vehicle toexplorethe back of the moon. China has landed a probe softly on the back of the moon with “Chang’e 4” as the first country in the world . The landing site is the Von Kármán Crater […]

Asia-Pacific boss leaves BMW

Hildegard Wortmann , currently Asia-Pacific boss of BMW , probably changes mid-2019 to a direct competitor. Thus, the Bavarian automaker loses another senior executive. The message of the departure of Wortmann was apparently pushed through contrary to internal agreements to the media. Among other things, the online edition of the daily newspaper “Die Welt” reports on the […]

The ten funniest resolutions for 2019

Many of us regularly make New Year resolutions on New Year’s Eve. But it usually hangs with the perseverance. Better, you take care of something, which you can keep guaranteed. Here are the best funny resolutions for the new year. The ten funniest  intentions  in the overview: … to make no good intentions for the […]

Happy New Year! 2019 is here

And hey , again a year is over! In Germany too , New Year’s Eve is celebrated a lot. Before, millions of people in other countries had already welcomed 2019. Berlin (dpa) – Germany welcomes the year 2019. With fireworks throughout the country, people celebrated the turn of the year. In Berlin , hundreds of thousands came to the party at the Brandenburg Gate , where from midnight […]

New job: Justin Bieber now sells slippers

Months ago, he has announced that he fashion will design, now has Justin Bieber apparently his first bestseller landed: created by him slippers are sold out. Justin Bieber (24, “Purpose”) seems to spend his time not only with his wife Hailey (22), but also with designing clothes. The singer had already in February the names “The House of Drew”, “La […]

Trump surprisingly visits soldiers in Iraq

For days, US President Trump has had problems on many fronts. Among other things, a “shutdown” paralyzes parts of the US government. In between, he disappears to a surprising military visit to Iraq . But the trouble at home quickly brings him back. Washington (AP) – After a surprise brief visit to US soldiers in Iraq , US President Donald […]

Angelique Kerber is the “athlete of the year”

The ” Athletes of the Year 2018″ have been announced: Angelique Kerber , Patrick Lange and the national ice hockey team have been honored. Wimbledon winner Angelique Kerber (30) has been voted “Athlete of the Year”. For the second time since 2016, the tennis player was delighted to receive the award. At the awards gala in Baden-Baden was Kerber the award from tennis legend Boris […]

Ex-box champ Stevenson in “critical but stable condition”

Adonis Stevenson isin a “critical but stable state”after the knockout in the title fight against Ukrainian Alexander Gwosdyk. Québec (SID) – Detonated Canadian professional boxing champion Adonis Stevenson isin a “critical but stable state”following the knockout inSaturday’s title fight in Quebec against Ukrainian Alexander Gwosdyk. This was stated by the […]

British impose maximum penalty against Facebook

The UK Data Protection Authority Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has against Facebook because of the data scandal to the research firm Cambridge Analytica the maximum penalty imposed by 500,000 pounds (565,000 euros). London (dpa) – The online network has admitted a “serious violation” of applicable law. Affected data scandal in […]

Ford Fiesta ST and VW Polo GTI in the test

The roles in the sporty small car are clearly distributed: The VW Polo GTI mimics the well-groomed power dwarf, the Ford Fiesta ST the bully. Its turbocharged engine does have a cylinder less, but also comes to 200 hp. So who’s chasing who? drive steering costs Conclusion For a change, we push aside the topic space and functionality for now. Since the Normalo-Polo […]

The nine most important steps after a death

When a loved one dies, one does not at first think about the necessary bureaucratic formalities. Nevertheless, it is precisely the next relatives of a deceased who have numerous legal obligations immediately after his death. Survivors therefore have to deal with financial and insurance issues as soon as they die […]

These are the new echoes from Amazon

Amazon recently introduced a fresh echo lineup. From today’s Thursday, the new devices are officially available. Voice control has been one of the biggest technology trends for some time now . Amazon also recognized this early and just a few weeks ago introduced the now third generation of its small, […]

Kim Kardashian West criticizes the fashion taste of her sisters

On a trip to Japan, her sisters Kim Kardashian West’s outfits were so embarrassing that she confronted Khloé and Kourtney. They fired back – right at Kim’s husband and designer, Kanye West . The style of Kim Kardashian West (37) can be argued – even within the Kardashian clan, not everyone is in agreement about fashion. In the current episode of the reality show […]

After a political statement by Taylor Swift: This is how Donald Trump reacts

Donald Trump vs. Taylor Swift ! After the singerappealed to the Democratsvia Instagram , the US President now spoke in person and shot back against Swift . It was a reverberating statement: US pop star Taylor Swift (28, “reputation”) spoke politically yesterday for the first time yesterday. In a long statement on Instagramshe made it clear that she will support the […]

New study warns of brain tumors by mobile much telephony

Bordeaux (France) – Is increased mobile phone radiation associated with an increased risk of brain tumors? Despite numerous studies, this question is controversial to this day, as there are different results. The results of a recent study by French scientists now joins the list of reminders and shows that it’s […]

New dance show “Masters of Dance” with Rebecca Mir and Thore Scholermann

Rebecca Mir and Thore Schölermann present the new ProSieben dance show “Masters of Dance”. ProSieben wants toinspire the audiencewith a new dance show . For this, the station has chosen a proven moderator duo: The two “taff” moderators Rebecca Mir (26) andThore Schölermann (33) will moderate the new show entitled “Masters of Dance”. Dance fan Rebecca Mir , she finished second with […]

Nico Hülkenberg to the GP Singapore

Nico Hülkenberg landed in the points for the first time since GP Germany. But the night race in Singapore was tougher than expected for the Renault driver. Hülkenberg tells us why. Was Sirotkin your problem in the race? Hülkenberg : Even if I had come out before Sirotkin, it would not have looked much better. Due to my early pit stop […]

Take off with our sixteen tips

Losing weight is often a challenge. It seems even more difficult to keep the laboriously achieved desired weight also permanently. With the necessary knowledge, however, both losing weight and holding the weight becomes child’s play. Implement the following 16 slimming tips in your personal nutrition plan. Within four weeks, you will not only lose […]

Mars mineral could come from microbes

Canberra (Australia) – So far scientists have believed that deposits of the clay mineral stevensite can only occur in particularly hostile environments and environments such as volcanic lava or in h#t alkaline lakes, so Australian researchers have now discovered living microbes that produce the mineral. The discovery also has consequences for […]

Maas advises Lavrov on Syria

In Syria threatens a new humanitarian disaster . Russia has the power to prevent a major offensive on Idlib . The federal government does not have much influence on Moscow, but they want to use it. Berlin (AP) – Foreign Minister Heiko Maas wants to work with his Russian counterpart […]

US prepare second North Korea summit

North Korean ruler Kim asked for a second meeting with Donald Trump in a letter, the White House said. Coordination of the summit is already underway. The US and North Korea are preparing a second summit meeting between presidents, according to the White House Donald Trump and ruler Kim Jong Un. Trump received a […]

All information about October fest 2018

On September 22, 2018, the 185th October fest will be opened in Munich. We tell you everything you need to know about the big folk festival.   Soon it will be time again and the Oktoberfest attracts visitors from all over the world to Munich. On the Theresienwiese it says: “O’zapft […]

Strongest typhoon in 25 years hits Japan

Forces of nature give Japan no rest. Once again, an enormous typhoon is seeking home to the island kingdom. This time he is stronger than he has been for a quarter of a century . And again it hits the West. Tokyo (AP) – Japan hasbeen hitby the strongest typhoon […]

Not only cosmetics: microplastics has many causers

How does microplastic get into the environment? And what quantities are they? The Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental Technology has ventured on the complex topic. The conclusion of the researchers: There are more sources than you think. Oberhausen (dpa) – With every step pedestrians give microplastic into the environment. According toresearchers […]

Europe’s banks continue to run away from US competition

On Wall Street, the profits are bubbling. Europe’s banks are lagging behind. But not only dealing with the consequences of the financial crisis makes the difference. Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – Europe’s leading banks fall back in competition with the US competition back and forth. Although Europe’s major bankswere ableto […]

65,000 at concert against right

Bands like Toten Hosen and Kraftklub let Chemnitz forget racist marches for an evening . It stays peaceful. But the problem is not solved yet. Chemnitz (AP) – After an acclaimed concert against racism in front of 65,000 spectators stands for everyday life in Chemnitz and Saxony in the fight against xenophobia and right-wing violence. Landes-Minister of Integration Petra Köpping ( SPD ) wants to present a pamphlet […]

Google is 20: Rege used, heavily controversial

“Googling” has become synonymous with Internet search. But the company, founded 20 years ago, has long since outgrown the search engine – and triggers not only admiration but also privacy concerns and concerns about competition. Mountain View / Berlin (dpa) – Google has changed the world. Finding information on the […]

Trump warns against attacking Idlib

Idlib in northwestern Syria is still ruled by rebels. In case of a battle in the region Trump wants tointervenein the fighting . Washington (AP) – US President Donald Trump has warned Russia and Iran to intervene in the event of a battle for the Syrian rebel stronghold Idlib in […]

Trump to summit with Putin: «I’m not pro-Russian»

Because of basta. The aftermath of the memorable appearance of US President Trump at the Helsinki Summit with Kremlin chief Putin continues . First, Trump must publicly back row, then he lays down against a critic. And also Chancellor Merkel gets her fat away. Washington (AP) – US President Donald […]

One hundred companies will participate in the second US-Ourense trade mission of the Provincial Government

The meeting between the US and US entrepreneurs will be held this week About a hundred empras, 97 in particular, will participate in the second US-Ourense trade mission organized by the Provincial Council. According to the information made public by the provincial institution, the meeting will be held this week, […]

NORTH KOREA : USA send second aircraft carrier

A second US aircraft carrier is on its way to the waters near the Korean peninsula. This is reported by media from the USA and South Korea. This is not so unusual, says the Navy. Seoul In the midst of growing tensions in the conflict with North Korea, the US, […]

Facts about Sweden

The largest country in the Region is also the one with the most inhabitants. For many, Sweden is synonymous with the production of quality cars, iron and steel. Inland lakes and large rivers represent nearly ten percent of the area of ​​Sweden. The country also has vast coniferous forest areas, […]

TOP 10 social media marketing data for 2017

One more time, a crucial moment for marketers is coming: it’s time to put the finishing touches to social media marketing plans and budgets for the coming year (time flies by, right?). To achieve your marketing goals in 2017, you need to know the latest data and market trends. Only […]

vw gti 2017 -Volkswagen Golf GTI, GTE, Estate and Variant 7 Facelift (2017)

New vw gti 2017 – Specs, design, impressions, tech and pictures. A NEW range of Volkswagen Golf cars the Golf GTI, Golf GTE and Golf Variant are to go on sale in 2017. VW faces stiff competition from the likes of the Ford Fiesta, with the car giants also releasing […]

LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR S With four-wheel steering and performance plus

For the fresh appearance at the Lamborghini Aventador a newly designed front apron ensure with newly designed side air intakes, which now carry a central web. The central lower air inlet appears to have grown larger. The most noticeable change on the rear of the Lamborghini Aventador concerns the exhaust […]

Obama threatens retaliation for attacks by hackers

US President Obama announces, “must act” that his government, if a foreign government trying to “attack the integrity of our elections.” It is about the hacker attacks during the US election campaign. The dispute between the US and Russia over hacker attacks during the US election campaign heats up: US […]

5 Technology Trends for 2017

The year is coming to an end and it is time to take a view of the coming year. That’s five technology trends that are the focus of the 2017th. The technology-2017 promises to be exciting. We take a look at five trends that will be the focus. Smart Home […]

Vanguard Roadster

The relatively small New York Motorcycle Show had last weekend a secret star: The Vanguard Roadster. The n@ked bike in the style of Confederate bikes drew everyone’s attention. Vanguard Roadster with more than 100 HP Here, the “S & S” -V2 engine stand with 1,917 cubic centimeters and an output […]

Softbank plans to invest $ 50 billion in the US

The US President-elect Trump proudly announces plans for a multibillion major investment from Japan. 50,000 Jobs wants to create the head of the telecom giant Softbank. Details of which it did not name. The Japanese telecoms and technology group SoftBank plans to invest in the coming years: 50 billion dollars […]

71 dead and 6 people survive plane crash

Colombian authorities have revised the number of people killed the plane crash on 71st Investigators currently anticipate fuel shortages as a cause of the crash. The Colombian Civil Protection Authority, the number of dead passengers on the plane crash near Medellin corrected. In the crash were 71, not 75 people […]

This happens when Trump forces Apple to build its iPhone in the US

One of the campaign demands of Donald Trump was to force manufacturers such as Apple, to build their products in the United States rather than in China. Apple has now recalculated what it would cost the – you want it to know. Apple is likely in future to build its […]

Jurgen Klinsmann calls to Costa Rica an angry US team

US coach Jurgen Klinsmann has taken his team before the World Cup qualifier in San José Costa Rica in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday (03:00 CET) in the responsibility. “We have to go with anger inside the game, because we do not want to fall back into the group,” […]

Google plans huge headquarters of glass

Internet giant Google is planning a new headquarters in California under gigantic glass domes. The central idea of the project is office space that one can transform freely, the company said in a blog entry on the night of Saturday. The individual buildings should be easily assembled and disassembled in […]

Trump wants no Presidential salary

Donald Trump himself was not sure how much the President of the United States earned at all. “I think by law I have to assume a dollar, so I take a dollar a year,” he said in a television interview on Sunday night. “But it would be -.? I do […]