Kate speaks for the deaths of Juarez

The image of Kate del Castillo can be seen in the marquee of the Minetta Lane Theater in New York since July 8. The premiere of his work The way she spoke is until July 18 but previous functions are given in this forum located on the Off Broadway of the so-called Big Apple.

The way she spoke is a monologue and is based on interviews that Issac Gomez, a Mexican native of El Paso and based in Chicago, made mothers, witnesses and alleged guilty of crimes against women in Juarez.

One factor of this project that caught Kate from the first moment is that, “when reading the first page of the monologue it is said that the actress can not be Colombian, nor Puerto Rican, nor Guatemalan, nor anywhere else, but must be Mexican. ”

She explains: “And what I thought was: ‘I understood you, Isaac, I can do this!’ And in this case being Mexican does matter a lot because I can understand what Juarez is, all Mexicans know what has been happening there, and it is something painful and shameful for our country and governments because this has happened without stopping.

Minutes after the show on Thursday, Kate had a talk with attendees to explain their motivations in this work.

“I have been a women’s rights activist for a long time and I felt that this project was a great way to continue doing it, to be able to pass on to the public the message of these women.”

Something important in this work is that the actress has to put herself in the shoes of many and very different characters. For Isaac, the most important thing is that “it is a way to honor women who have suffered this femicide and pass on their message.”

Del Castillo also told how much it has meant to give life and voice to these women.

“Uff, without a doubt this has been the biggest challenge of my entire career, as simple as that, everything that this involves is very important,” Kate assured.

“I have had to do it in another language because English is not my native language, I have worked in English but never on a stage and less in a monologue like this, which are actually six or more monologues in one, although since I read it : ‘I have to do it!’, Then he would say to me: ‘Oh no, what fear!’, But for the same reason, I was more convinced that I wanted to do it. ”

Kate pointed out that this is how she usually works: “I like to feel afraid and leave my comfort zone because that is the only way to grow not only as an actress, but also to be a better person, woman, human being.” Speaking on behalf of those men and women. It’s a lot of responsibility for women to pass the message to Americans who probably do not know about this problem and do it with the right words so they can understand it is important. “

The work will be presented until August 18.