Is that the real reason for the career change?

The fans are happy that Vanessa Mai will not only be seen on stage, but also on television soon. But critics see in this step their only salvation.

“Finally let me tell you!”, Singer Vanessa Mai (27) recently wrote excitedly on Instagram and told her fans that she’s among the actors. In the ARD music film “Only Together With You”, which is due to come on TV in 2020, Vanessa plays the lead role .

Vanessa Mai: Is your career going down the drain?

The hit star is thrilled by the shooting that is currently taking place in Munich and the surrounding area – as well as their co-stars, including Axel Prahl (59), Ferdinand Seebacher (30), Elena Uhlig (43) and Max Befort (30). But does the singer cover up with the new career choice only that her old career goes down the drain?

It can not be denied that Vanessa Mai is currently not in demand as a singer. Since she ended her cooperation with Dieter Bohlen (65) after a huge dispute two years ago , the hit music scene is slowly but surely going downhill for her.

“Best Version” flops, concert halls do not fill up

The concert series for this year has been canceled – as a reason Vanessa gives her extraordinary creativity in 2019, with which she wants to surprise her fans. According to the “Bild” newspaper, the tour does not sell well and the selected halls are too big for the singer, she does not say a word. It’s no secret that their current single “Best Version” is flopping.

New start and second leg for Vanessa Mai

But maybe she is doing a restart, including changing the image quite well – again and again Vanessa Mai gets her sights set on hard reviews . And you do not have to do without her vocals: In the film she plays a singer whose big hit is based on a lie.