“The Geissens” shock after filming: A crew member died

Again and again on Mondays, the Geiss family cheers the audience with its program “Die Geissens – Eine horrlich glamouröse Familie”. But in the last episode, the cult show was overshadowed by grief …

Even before the public saw Robert (55), Carmen (53) and Shania and Davina Geiss fluttering across the screens , Carmen shared an emotional post with her fans. Among them she wrote: “This episode today is very difficult for us to look at, as unfortunately Dennis Huth died in a car crash shortly after filming. RIP Dennis! “

Dennis Huth († 29), the man responsible for technology at Geiss, died only two weeks after the end of the filming. He was only 29 years old. For the family a big shock, because Dennis was more than just an employee. He was a good friend of the family.

The Geissens mourn for their crew member and friend

And even if Dennis died in September 2017, the Geissens have not dealt with the blow of fate by a long way. To this day, grief over the sudden death is deep. Just a few days before his fatal car crash, Dennis, Carmen and Robert sat together peacefully. “He was a great young man with a lot of wit, talent and a terrific future in mind,” writes Carmen shortly after she learned of Dennis’ death.

The fans want the Geissens power

Robert and Carmen get a lot of encouragement from their fans: “My condolences and a lot of power! And remember, he’s watching you from the top, “a fan comforts Carmen. Another writes: “RIP, my condolences and a lot of energy for the family and friends. So sad!”

We wish all survivors much strength in this difficult time.