She sets herself an ambitious goal

Sophia Vegas enjoys the mum affair with daughter Amanda. However, she is not satisfied with her figure and explains the fight to the baby pounds.

Sophia Vegas , 31, is currently taking a little break and is less active in social media than usual. On Instagram, she explains that she is taking it easy because she is “in maternity leave”.

Sophia Vegas: 30 pounds to go down

Everything seems perfect for the newly mum. If there were not the annoying baby pounds. Sophia is not satisfied with her weight. “I’ve already lost 20 pounds, that’s about 12 pounds,” she says in her IG story. “It was right after birth and the doctors said it was awesome”. It is not enough. Another 30 pounds, about 14 kilos, should still melt.

She is dieting

Just a few weeks after Amanda’s birth, Sophia diets . “Nothing comes from nothing, I’ve started a diet, and I feel better as a figure,” she says. “I’m going to work on the next 30 pounds, in four weeks I have to go to the doc. Until then I’ve made 30 pounds”. Whether she means with “Doc” her gynecologist or a cosmetic surgeon, she does not reveal.