An engineer was not getting a job – funny jokes and humor

An engineer was not getting a job,

So he opened a clinic and wrote outside the clinic,

getting treated for 200$ and if the treatment is not done,

I will return 500 $.

a woman man was passing by the clinic and saw it and said it was a good opportunity to make 500$.

The woman came to the clinic and said,

Doctor, I don’t feel the taste of anything.

the doctor said to the nurse.

Take out the medicine from box number 22 and give him 3 drops and the nurse gives three drops.

“The doctor asked the patient what it was.”

The patient said: It was petrol.

Doctor: Congratulations, you feel the taste, Funny jokes dirty jokes give me 150 $.

After a few days,

the patient got angry and said that now he had to take old money from the doctor

The patient said: Doctor, my memory doesn’t work anymore.

The doctor said to the nurse, Take out medicine from box number 22 and give 3 drops.

the patient said: But that medicine is for the taste of the tongue.

Doctor Wao, Congratulations,

your memory has also returned. Give me 150 $.
Hahahaha 🤣😅😂🤣😀