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Tattoos are permanent but so is the love shared between a mother and daughter, which is why mother-daughter tattoos are such a beautiful way to express your relationship. If the two of you are ready to take the plunge and get inked, there are a few things to consider.

What kind of design do you want? You could opt for symbols, text, song lyrics, or animal designs that have a special meaning to you both. Your tattoo could be poignant or humorous, whatever expresses your bond best. And depending on how visible you want them to be or what your pain threshold is like, you should also bear size and placement in mind. Our diverse mother-daughter tattoo ideas will help you make the perfect selection. It is, after all, forever.

Different Colored Hearts Daughter and Mother tattoo

Coloured Heart Tattoos

Hearts are the easiest way to symbolize your love for each other. But who said you can’t get creative with them? Not only can you choose an original heart design, but you can each have it inked in your (or each other’s) favorite color. You’ll have matching tattoos with a touch of individuality.

Queen/Princess of Hearts Daughter and Mother tattoo

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It’s a simple, clean design with a cool meaning. Have each other’s first initials tattooed inside a cute heart design, and with crowns above the hearts. The message is clear: you are the queens (or the queen and princess) of one another’s hearts.

Mother Daughter Symbol Daughter and Mother tattoo

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Created specifically for mothers and daughters, this tattoo design is ideal if you’re looking for something that’s small, bold, and minimalistic. The embracing mother and daughter are formed by a continuous line that twists into a heart shape at the base. It symbolizes that your love for each other is what connects you.

The Infinity Symbol With a Twist Daughter and Mother tattoo

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Infinity symbol tattoos are as common as they come, but what they represent is still pretty special: never-ending love. So, if you have your heart set on it, why not add special text, like this “Love You More” and “Love You Most” design? In this way, it becomes uniquely yours.

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Do you love having a chat together over tea? Or perhaps you’re both huge Disney fans? This Mrs. Potts and Chip teapot and teacup design from “Beauty and the Beast” is a cute way to pay homage to your shared interest and to your mother-daughter relationship.


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If you love what anchors symbolize — steadfastness and security — then this matching anchor design is great for you. They’ll be a constant reminder that you can always count on your relationship to keep you anchored. Get them in your favorite colors to make it extra special.

Angel Wings


This angel wings design will speak to you if you’re looking for something that represents spirituality and protection. It’s small but shows enough detail to make the wings easily distinguishable. They look good on their own and even better when you bring your fingers together. 

Fingerprint Hearts

Our fingerprints are unique in every way. Get each other’s fingerprints inked in the shape of a heart and you’ll have a tattoo that says you appreciate and love everything that makes your mom/daughter who they are. How’s that for special?

Two Halves of One Avocado

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If you fancy yourselves as two halves of the same whole, this is the tattoo for you. The halves of the adorable avocado face and wave at each other — it’s cute, simple, and a great reflection of what you mean to each other. It’s a bonus if you both love avocados. 

Unique Yin and Yang Design

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For an interesting spin on the Yin and Yang symbol, why not opt for this mandala-style design? It’s sharp and stunningly intricate, and because mandalas are viewed as spiritual guidance tools, it will give your tattoo an added layer of meaning. 

You Make Me Brave

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Express the role your relationship has played in your lives with words. This “You make me brave” wrist tattoo is simple and elegant, and the powerful message is clear. Choose your favorite text style as well as the size of the writing.