Does she break the tradition of choosing a nanny?

Duchess Meghan is known for not always following the traditions of the British royal family. This should also be the case when choosing your nanny.

The whole world is looking forward to the birth of Duchess Meghan’s (37) and Prince Harry’s (34) first child. But not only when, but also as the royal couple announced the arrival of “Baby Sussex”, is eagerly awaited.

A birth away from the traditions

Traditionally, the British Royals come before the press a few hours after birth and present their royal newcomer still on the steps of the hospital. Harry and Meghan, however, could go a different way and choose an announcement via social media. Just recently, the two went online with their own Instagram account.

The Duchess is known to break with the traditions of the royal family. So the birth is not in the Lindo Wing of London “St. Mary’s “hospital , where her husband was born and Duchess Kate (37) gave birth to her three children, but in a smaller clinic near her new home, Frogmore Cottage. Instead of relying on the gynecologist team of the Queen (92) Meghan should also prefer to rely on their own doctors.

It is not surprising that the 37-year-old does not necessarily follow the customs of the royal family when raising her child. As the “Mirror” reports, Meghan – unlike Kate and Co. – would not hire a traditional nanny. For years, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo , who was educated at the prestigious British Nanny Academy Norland College, watches over the children of her sister-in-law .

Meghan, on the other hand, wants someone who shares her American roots and traditions. Meanwhile, it has been speculated that Connie Simpson Meghan, known in the US as a “super-nanny,” will be helping out on the recommendation of her friend Amal Clooney (41).

A male nanny?

According to the “Mirror” the expectant parents are still looking for the right nanny and have now commissioned a London agency. “Meghan has made it clear to the recruiter that she prefers an American nanny to a British one,” reveals an insider. That was very important to her, as she could better identify with it. The 37-year-old wants the nanny to feel “more like part of the family, not like a uniformed member of the staff.”

Even a male nanny – a so-called “Manny” – should be eligible for the royal couple. “You do not exclude this possibility,” the source says. That would make them a real sensation, because that has never happened in the British royal family! It would not surprise Meghan but …