Kim Kardashian- She takes her time with the baby name

The Kardashian / West family will grow by one more member this spring – but the little boy’s name is still far from clear. Kim Kardashian has now revealed that she usually takes only four days time.

Kim Kardashian (38, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”) and Kanye West (41, “Stronger”) are expecting their fourth child this spring . The baby, delivered by a surrogate mother, becomes a boy, that much is clear. However, which name the little one will get is far from it. At “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, Kim Kardashian explained that naming her is a long and mostly democratic process.

“All [in our family] give their mustard to it. I’m definitely starting a family survey, “says Kim. Mostly, however, the name is not found until after the birth, when the family knows what the child looks like, Kardashian says. That’s why the baby remains nameless for a few days: “It usually takes three or four days to feel that it really connects with me.” Kim’s sister Kourtney (39) has a similar method: she tries different on different days Name with a child.

Kim even had a name in her head for her youngest child this time – but decided against it. The names of her other children kept her from doing so. “I seriously thought of calling him Rob, after my brother. But then it’s North, Saint, Chicago and Rob. That does not really fit. “