Moving news after the death of Costa: “His place at the table is empty, forever”

The world mourns for one of the big stars of the music scene: Costa Cordalis. Especially with his sweetheart the pain is deep. Daughter-in-law Daniela Katzenberger now finds emotional words about the tragic loss.

For some time, reports about his health had made headlines, at the beginning of July, it was then a sad certainty: Costa Cordalis († 75) died among the family in his adopted country of Mallorca to organ failure .

Until recently, the cheerful Greek has cheered up the life of his sweethearts, again and again his son Lucas Cordalis (51), daughter-in-law Daniela Katzenberger (32) and granddaughter Sophia (3) have been visiting Costa, sometimes even living with him under one roof , But now he has gone forever – and tears a hole in the life of the otherwise so happy couple.

Daniela is in deep sadness

It is really not easy for the cat to find the right words in this difficult time. She writes on her Instagram channel to a photo that shows her along with her husband and little daughter: “You know the pain, the despair, the helplessness and this infinite sadness that paralyzes you to the marrow.” Anyone who meets such profound grief would have known how much she could tear you into a hole: “The guitars he will never play again on, his jackets, his shoes, the feeling that he is about to come home from an appearance … And still his place at the table is empty, forever, “writes Daniela. In her story, she posts a picture of her father-in-law in the Costa Café – and a second, where his place is empty.

The sympathy is great

Especially the sympathy of her fans and acquaintances is for the sympathetic blonde a bright spot in the mourning period. “You have written us so many lovely words and your sympathy was so overwhelming that we are moved to tears,” she writes with gratitude and continues: “We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

In the comments, there are again many condolences and heartbreaking words of compassion for the little family – so Daniela can count on their fans in any case, even if Costas place will be empty from now on.