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Apple missed sales targets in the Christmas business significantly

Apple has to admit a rare setback: In the important Christmas quarter, the group missed its forecast. The problem was mainly the iPhone sales in Chinahave been, explains chief executive Tim Cook . But experts also see other reasons. Cupertino (AP) – The past Christmas business has gone significantly worse for Applethan expected. The iPhone group lowered its revenue forecast for the past three months […]

Airbus orders fixed: 120 new machines of type A220

The aircraft manufacturer Airbus has just before the turn of the year brought two major orders for its smallest jet A220-300 in the roof. Toulouse (dpa) – The US airline JetBlue and the new US airline Moxy were making orders for every 60 machines of the type, as the manufacturer announced on Thursday in Toulouse . According to the price list, the orders together have a […]

Unemployment increased to 2.210 million in December

Unemployment increased to 2.210 million in December

Many weather-dependent industries dismiss employees during the winter. In 2018, the number of unemployed persons increased again in December. For the year as a whole, however, the Federal Agency reports a positive record. Nuremberg (dpa) – The number of unemployed in Germany in December has fallen to the lowest monthly value since 1991. Thus, in the last month […]

Mobile Internet: Scouring demands more speed from municipalities

There are still many white spots in Germany with the mobile Internet. That should change. The Minister of Transport sees the cities and towns as their duty. The industry, on the other hand, warns the coalition against unrealistic demands. Berlin (AP) – Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer has called on the municipalities to more speed in building the infrastructure for the fast mobile Internet. […]

Economy wants to make carbon leakage conditional

It is one of the first major decisions of the year: By the beginning of February at the latest, a commission intends to present a concept for cutting coal . The economy is picking pegs . Berlin (dpa) – top associations of the German economy want to tie the planned coal exit conditions and warn of further rising electricity prices . “We need revision clauses […]

Household costs: So expensive is your everyday life

Every day we consume energy and water . But what does it cost to wash your clothes, take a shower for five minutes, or run the TV or computer for an hour? We have recalculated ten typical household costs for you. What are household costs? Household costs are the costs that a household has to spend to cover everyday life. These include fixed costs such […]

Vanguard Roadster

The relatively small New York Motorcycle Show had last weekend a secret star: The Vanguard Roadster. The n@ked bike in the style of Confederate bikes drew everyone’s attention. Vanguard Roadster with more than 100 HP Here, the “S & S” -V2 engine stand with 1,917 cubic centimeters and an output […]

The longest and deepest railway tunnel in the world is opened

A premiere, on which was worked almost endless long way: The longest and deepest rail tunnel in the world is opened. Around 300 trains a day pass through now the Swiss Alps in record time: for 57 km, it need only 17 minutes. Sunday morning, 6:09. A historic moment. From […]

Softbank plans to invest $ 50 billion in the US

The US President-elect Trump proudly announces plans for a multibillion major investment from Japan. 50,000 Jobs wants to create the head of the telecom giant Softbank. Details of which it did not name. The Japanese telecoms and technology group SoftBank plans to invest in the coming years: 50 billion dollars […]

This happens when Trump forces Apple to build its iPhone in the US

One of the campaign demands of Donald Trump was to force manufacturers such as Apple, to build their products in the United States rather than in China. Apple has now recalculated what it would cost the – you want it to know. Apple is likely in future to build its […]

Google plans huge headquarters of glass

Internet giant Google is planning a new headquarters in California under gigantic glass domes. The central idea of the project is office space that one can transform freely, the company said in a blog entry on the night of Saturday. The individual buildings should be easily assembled and disassembled in […]

The 10 Most Expensive Liquor On Earth till 2016

Perpetual displeasure sober souls everywhere, alcohol is a drug that is deeply rooted in our culture collective. Not only here in the Western world not; evidence of the consumption of alcoholic beverages can be found at the Neolithic hunter-gatherers remains what means their consumption and production may very well pre-date […]

Amazon enthusiastic market with surprisingly high quarterly profit

The US online retailer Amazon has completed the first quarter with a surprisingly high profit. Net income was at 513 million dollars (452 ​​million euros), as the company announced. The US online retailer Amazon has completed the first quarter with a surprisingly high profit. Net income was at 513 million […]