These five tips reduce the risk of cold

Winter is coming, the cold season has rung in. But with these six tips to prevent a cold and significantly reduces the risk of having to spend a few days in bed.

As temperatures drop at the end of the year, the risk of catching a cold increases enormously. But with the right tips, sniffing noses and scraping necks can easily be prevented. So colds have no chance and the pleasure in the snow is nothing in the way.

Do not forget to wash your hands!
Just when the temperatures fall and it turns autumnal, you are more susceptible to germs and pathogens. That’s why: Wash your hands extensively with soap, not only after using the toilet and before and after eating, but also in between times.

Pay attention to zinc in food
is of course important to have a healthy diet: foods such as beef, chicken or spinach contain a lot of zinc, and thus support the body’s immune system.

Sufficient sunshine
Clearly: In autumn, there are not as many hours of sunshine as a few months before. It is therefore all the more important to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air. Especially vitamin D is formed in the skin by direct sunlight and thus reduces the risk of respiratory tract infection.

More commonly used garlic
Garlic has been shown to have an antiviral effect, thus preventing serious inflammatory diseases. In addition, many of its active ingredients should also protect against colds.

stress situations
Studies have shown that stressed people are more likely to be ill. Stress weakens the immune system significantly. Those who take more rest periods protect themselves from illnesses.