333 exhibition cars in Paris counted

At the fair in France we counted once again: Which type of drive is the majority on the stands ? Are diesel even presentable? The result is listed in the following table.

If you look at the big model novelties at the Paris Motor Show , you might think that the electric car has already arrived in the middle of the industry. But when it comes to the sold reality, electric cars , plug-in hybrids and all the other alternative types of drive are nicheable. So the classic burners in September combined 93.6 percent of all new registrations.

And how is the inventory in the model ranges of German premium manufacturers?

Audi with electric SUV

Audi proudly shows off its electric SUV E-Tron Quattro in Paris . It should come on the market this year and be available for around 80,000 euros. But that’s just a model – at a handsome price. A look at our “car purchase” shows: Audi currently offers alone 14 model series, one adds body versions such as station wagon, convertible or coupe, you get even on 22. And which is currently not even a hybrid: The A3 E-Tron is currently missing in the program, the PHEV versions of A6, A7 and A8 come at the earliest in 2019. Then comes the second electric car , the E-Tron Sportback. On closer inspection, but this is only the coupe version of the E-Tron just shown – so it is then 22: 2 for the combustor. Clear box.

BMW with growing selection

Since the Bavarian neighbors have more to offer at BMW . Because apart from the third battery update for the i3, which is now to come with a 120 Ah battery after WLTP cycle around 360 kilometers, the Munich have only three other hybrid variants on offer. The oldest is in the carbon chassis of the presented in 2014 hybrid sports car BMW i8. At the bottom of the model range, the PHEV range starts with the Mini Countryman Hybrid and the BMW 220e – both on the UKL platform. The third hybrid variant is used in different power levels in the 3, 5 and 7 series. So have 330e and 530e iPerformance each have a system performance of 252 hp ( gasoline184 hp, electric motor 65 kW / 88 hp) and an electric range of 40 kilometers (according to NEDC). In the hybrid flagship, the BMW 740e iPerformance and the corresponding long version, the same 2.0-liter turbo is used. There, however, he delivers 258 hp and the e-machine 83 kW (113 hp). And an e-mini? Comes in 2019, an electric X3 2020.



Mercedes also with SUV

Stay the two Stuttgart automakers, in alphabetical order. Mercedes has presented a new B-Class in Paris , whose predecessor thanks to sandwich floor was already available as an e-car. So far, this looks different with the new one. Thanks to some modifications to the well-known OM654 (known from the C- and E-Class), it will already meet the Euro 6d emissions standard that is only needed in 2020. In terms of electrification, the press release speaks only of seats, belt retractors and adjustable headlights. Lucky that the van is not the only ace in the Swabian’s sleeve. Because with the EQC 400 they also show their first completely independent electric car in Pariswith star on the radiator. For the time being, however, only the two purely electrically powered Smart variants, Fortwo EQ and Forfour EQ, are available to buyers. The EQC will only be available from the middle of next year. Then it should bring the SUV but at least 450 kilometers range.

And the hybrids? There are some. Both as gasoline , as well as diesel. The gasoline engines start with the C350e, which drives a maximum of 31 kilometers purely electric and can be recharged within 20 minutes from 20 to 100 percent. Above it lies the E350e, which comes two kilometers further, but takes the same length to the shop.

For the S-Class, the configurator spits out two mild hybrid variants: the S450 and the S500 . In both cases, the electric motor makes narrow 16 kW and the six-cylinder gasoline once 367 hp and once 435 hp.

For the two small series, there is also a combination of diesel and electric motor. On the one hand, these are the C300de and E300de, both of which can combine a 90 kW e-machine with a longitudinally installed OM654 with 194 hp and drive around 50 kilometers electrically. In addition, Daimler also offers the two SUVs GLC350 and GLE500 as plug-in hybrids that drive fully powered between 30 and 34 kilometers purely electric.

Hybrid for the big ones at Porsche

Stay Porsche . The Panamera has two hybrid models for both the saloon and the Sport Tourismo: the 4 E-Hybrid 3.0 and the Turbo S e-Hybrid 4.0. The three-liter makes 330 hp, the four-liter turbo S comes to 550 hp, while the e-motor always comes to 100 kW. In parallel, Porsche has hybridized the SUV Cayenne, which is powered by an electric motor with the same power. The Vierliterbenziner comes here, however, to 340 hp.

VW with course on ID series

And what about VW ? The Wolfsburg have with their GTE variant for Golf and Passat actually two useful hybrid concepts in stock and with the eGolf and eUp even two Stromer, which could bring them to the man and the woman. For one thing, they are not among the elite premium wars, on the other hand, the GTE models have fallen by the wayside of the WLTP conversion and come in 2019 or again – then at least with significantly more electric range. There will also be no e-version of the new Golf 8. If you want to drive electrically in the class VW , you have to wait for the ID (end of 2019). This is then a series of the new electric family, of which there will be five models by 2024/25. At conventionally driven series you count at VW13 (without body styles). Of these, only the eUp should keep an electric version with more range (300 km).