LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR S With four-wheel steering and performance plus

For the fresh appearance at the Lamborghini Aventador a newly designed front apron ensure with newly designed side air intakes, which now carry a central web. The central lower air inlet appears to have grown larger. The most noticeable change on the rear of the Lamborghini Aventador concerns the exhaust system. Three tailpipes are now trapezoidal. In addition, the new exhaust is 20% lighter and should deliver more sound. The diffuser, optionally also made of genuine carbon – as well as the air outlets were redrawn. On the flanks are redesigned side skirts. The rear wheel arches now recall the original Countach. Depending on the speed and the selected driving mode, the active tail wing takes three different positions. In addition to vortex generators in the underbody, the output on the front axle should have been improved by more than 130%. Also at the rear: the overall efficiency of the wing has been improved by more than 50% and with a low flow resistance by more than 400% compared to the previous model at high output.

Rear-wheel steering now

Rear-wheel steering now<

The Aventador S is the new four-wheel steering, which is controlled with or against the front axle, depending on the speed. The pushrod suspensions were optimized with new geometry and new electronically controlled dampers. New springs are used on the rear axle. In addition, the ESP has been trimmed for more driving dynamics and the Aventador S has been besieged with new Pirelli tires.With the Lamborghini Aventador S, the driver can now choose between four different driving modes: Strada, Sport, Corsa and the new Ego-Mode, which influence the behavior of the drive, the steering and the suspension. Strada stands for maximum comfort in everyday life. Sport offers the sporty feel of a rear-wheel drive, and Corsa is suitable for maximum performance on the racetrack. The ego mode allows you to set your own parameters.

More power for the V12

More power for the V12
More power for the V12

On the drive side it remains with the 6.5-liter V12 suction engine. But no model maintenance without a little more power. The hitherto 700 hp strong unit is increasing by 40 to 740 hp now. The maximum torque climbs to 690 Nm. The performance was achieved by raising the maximum speed to 8,500 rpm. As well as an optimized valve control and an optimized suction system. The 7-speed ISR transmission remains unaffected. The new Lamborghini Aventador S is supposed to spur to 100 km in 2.9 seconds and a maximum speed of 350 km / h. Carbon-Kersamik-Stopper are standard on board.
Also in the interior was nachgepflegt. The new digital TFT instrument panel is freely programmable, the infotainment system works with Apple Carplay and an optional telemetry system is available.
The first customers can take their new Lamborghini Aventador S in the spring of 2017. Prices start at 281,555 euros plus taxes.