Obama threatens retaliation for attacks by hackers

US President Obama announces, “must act” that his government, if a foreign government trying to “attack the integrity of our elections.” It is about the hacker attacks during the US election campaign.

The dispute between the US and Russia over hacker attacks during the US election campaign heats up: US President Barack Obama announced on Thursday (local time) an unspecified retaliation on. “I think there is no doubt that we have to act if a foreign government tries to attack the integrity of our elections,” Obama told the radio station NPR.

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“And we will, at a time and in one place, we determine” the president said. Obama made initially not have, such as the announcement by him in retaliation could look at Russia. On Friday evening (CET) he wanted to give a press conference in the Christmas holidays before his departure. When NBC had stated, in preparation for a possible retaliation examined US intelligence now increasingly the personal financial situation of the Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Before the statements Obama whose adviser Ben Rhodes had been assigned to the Russian leader a direct responsibility for the hacking. “Nothing of such supporting manner” done within the Russian government without Putin knew of Rhodes told the television channel MSNBC. Putin is ultimately “responsible for the acts of the Russian government” as top officials.

Does Putin himself gave instructions?
The NBC News had reported that Putin himself had given instructions for dealing with hacked emails of US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The Russian head of state have done initially out of revenge, because the Democrat had asked as Foreign Minister publicly the legitimacy of Russian elections of 2011 in question, the station reported, citing two senior intelligence managers.


Later Putin was then broadened his approach to represent the political system in the United States as corrupt, it said in the article continues. Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov dismissed the allegations as “ridiculous nonsense” back. Even the US President-elect Donald Trump has denied that Russia put the Democrats behind the cyber attacks. The Republicans took appropriate information by the US intelligence community in doubt.

“If Russia or any other unit has hacked, why has the White House then waited so long to act?”, The Putin admirers Trump wrote in Friday’s short message service Twitter. “Why did they only complained after Hillary lost?”