Softbank plans to invest $ 50 billion in the US

The US President-elect Trump proudly announces plans for a multibillion major investment from Japan. 50,000 Jobs wants to create the head of the telecom giant Softbank. Details of which it did not name.

SoftBank Group

The Japanese telecoms and technology group SoftBank plans to invest in the coming years: 50 billion dollars (47 billion euros) in the US and there create 50,000. jobs. That said Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son on Tuesday during a brief joint appearance with the US President-elect Donald Trump in New York. A spokesman for the Softbank Group in Tokyo did not want to comment further on this. He merely pointed to a video recording of the presentation of Trump and Son at the US channel FOX10 Phoenix. This explains the Softbank CEO front of the camera, his company will invest in new start-up companies in the US.

Softbank New York

Softbank had never taken this decision, if he had not won the election, Trump tweeted later. The details of the deal remained unclear. Softbank had announced in October launch, in conjunction with a State Fund of Saudi Arabia and other investors to a 100 billion dollar fund for global investments in tech companies. When asked whether the figure provided by Son and Trump investment of 50 billion dollars in the US part of the planned fund, the Softbank spokesman declined to comment. “We can not comment on that.”

25 billion in five years

The by the Softbank Group Corp. (SBG) announced in October fund to invest in the coming years worldwide in the technology sector. So should over the next five years at least 25 billion dollars invested, it said in the notice. The Fund had not yet been launched, the spokesman said in Tokyo.

Masayoshi Son

The Japanese billionaire Son willingly ventured big bets. The son of a Korean fisherman founded Softbank in 1981 as a company trading with PC software. The breakthrough came soon with a happy exclusive deal with the electronics retail chain Joshin Denki. The case earned money invested in Son many young companies – including Yahoo. The early investment in the Internet pioneer proved a gold mine. 2012 acquired Son for more than 20 billion dollars, the majority of the US mobile operator Sprint.