Why hydrogen cars are hardly in demand

Fast refueling, very long range – and no exhaust fumes: the hydrogen car seems the perfect answer to all problems. And yet it hardly gets going. Why is that? Here are the reasons.

Actually the perfect solution: You are clean and without emissions of CO2 emissions or pollutants, “with the usual long range and a refueling time of a few minutes” – this is how the gas manufacturer Air Liquide advertises the hydrogen cars.

The French are just opening a petrol station where fuel cell vehicles are given hydrogen (H2) as fuel. But environmental experts are not enthusiastic. There is also a big problem: The gas station network in Germany has big holes.

Little spread despite a positive environmental balance

Nevertheless, it is undisputed that the fuel cell has potential – and it is already calling in certain areas. For example, it has been used in submarines for decades. Your environmental balance is positive: hydrogen is converted to water vapor and electricity in the reaction with oxygen. It is highly doubted whether H2 cars will be suitable for the mass passenger car market in the long term.