vw gti 2017 -Volkswagen Golf GTI, GTE, Estate and Variant 7 Facelift (2017)

New vw gti 2017 – Specs, design, impressions, tech and pictures. A NEW range of Volkswagen Golf cars the Golf GTI, Golf GTE and Golf Variant are to go on sale in 2017.
VW faces stiff competition from the likes of the Ford Fiesta, with the car giants also releasing a new model range next year.
In the UK this year the VW Golf has sold over 60,000 units.

Volkswagen Golf 2017 - Golf GTI, Golf GTE and Golf Variant and Estate in pictures Volkswagen Golf 2017 in pictures including GTI, GTE, Estate and Variant.
Volkswagen Golf 2017 – Golf GTI, Golf GTE and Golf Variant and Estate in pictures
Volkswagen Golf 2017 in pictures including GTI, GTE, Estate and Variant.

And it’s good news for fans of the Golf as VW have addressed a need to give a broader range of options and styles to appeal to a broader audience.


The 2017 Golf has undergone a facelift, an albeit subtle one, but certainly a welcome update.

Arguably the already desirable design didn’t need an update but its more pronounced features and smooth curves, help to keep the Golf looking fresh.

Across the new range there are also other nuanced changes in the looks department. The GT versions have little trimming details and outlines across the front bumper and strips of chrome are dotted around.

Unsurprisingly the estate version has the typical features you’d expect from an estate car, whilst still maintaining the essence of the hatchback.

Earlier this year, VW also announced BlueMotion SE 1.0 TSI hybrid versions of the new Golf.

Volkswagen Golf estate 2017

Power and engine

Under the bonnet customers can enjoy the newly developed 1.5-litre four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine as one of the power options.

The new generation of TSIs: 1.5 TSI Evo with 110 kW/150 PS and Active Cylinder Management makes its debut in the Golf range in 2017. The GTI gets an upgrade in performance with 169 kW/230 PS for the standard version and 180 kW/245 PS for the GTI Performance.

A newly developed 7-speed dual clutch gearbox (DSG) will gradually replace all 6-speed DSGs for the Golf, which should result in a smoother and more refined driving experience.



Four different versions of the 2017 VW will be viable the Golf GTI, Golf GTE and Golf Variant in a bid to satisfy the needs of a growing market.

This range alongside the Performance range will give potential buyers a whole host of different styles, engines and design signatures to chose from.

Entertainment and tech

One of the most exciting updates is the high-end infotainment with the largest display in its class.

On the screen you can watch DVDs, have satellite navigation, customisable music options and integrated smartphone technology.

Apple CarPlay MirrorLink and Android Auto will allow you to use apps in your car via the touchscreen.

Another optional addition is the introduction of wireless charging function, banishing pesky wires from your car, which is located under the main control panel.


The “Discover Pro” infotainment system with gesture control sees the interface of the future make its debut in the compact class.

It also offers a range of assistant systems including Traffic Jam Assist (TJA) and Emergency Assist for the first time.

TJA works by using semi-automated driving to make infuriating stop-start driving in jams smoother. The assistant helps drivers avoid rear-end collisions by using Automatice Distance Control and Lane Assist to keep the car in the optimum position.

Lane Assist (LA) provides countersteer corrections and keeps the car centralised, to help avoid accidents.

Emergency Assistant can also come into play if the driver does not put in the necessary steering, braking or acceleration movements and perform an emergency stop.

Brand new LED headlights replace all Xenon headlights for the 2017 model year Golf and Golf Variant. Full LED tail lights and animated indicators are available for the top-of-the-range version.

Customers can expect to see a rise in price from today’s £17,625 due its higher equipment levels.

For more information check out Volkswagen’s official website. http://www.volkswagen.co.uk/new/golf-vii/home