“Game of Thrones”: Then the last season starts

What happened in the days before Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lennister? This will be shed light on the planned prequel series

An exact date does not exist, but now at least one time frame is fixed: According to HBO start the new episodes of ” Game of Thrones ” in the first half of 2019th Also, more details on the prequel there.

The final season of ” Game of Thrones ” will launch in the first half of next year , according to HBO program chief Casey Bloys . In addition, he revealed “Deadline” that the prequel to the successful series is not focused on a particular character, but rather on a group.

The pre-script writer Jane Goldman has not created a male or female lead actor around which things circle: “There are very strong female characters, but it’s a group, there are men and women,” Bloys continued. ” Jane is a very good author, we do not want to limit her to writing female lead roles.” There are a lot of very complicated roles in the pilot she wrote, explains Bloys .

Production should begin in 2019
The new story will play 8,000 years before the events of ” Game of Thrones ” and will “feel very different” because “it’s a different environment, a very different time in Westeros,” Bloys said . But even if it’s different, “it’s still Game of Thrones ,” he points out. The production should start in 2019.

A few weeks ago, HBO had revealed what fans can look forward to: the new series “takes place thousands of years before the events of ‘ Game of Thrones ‘ and describes the descent of the world from the golden age of heroes into their darkest hour.” Only one thing is certain, it goes on: From the horrifying secrets of the Westeros story about the true origin of white hikers to the Starks: “It is not the story that we think we know.”