Manufacturer Unicat builds monster team

The newest work of Unicat is the MD75h on MAN TGS with the trailer WT69. It is a mega-team for a rally driver in Kazakhstan .

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The team consisting of towing vehicle MD75h and the trailer WT69 by Unicat looks monstrous. The manufacturer of expedition campers has really outdone himself with his latest work. For a Kazakh rally driver, the 9.96-meter-long mobile based on the MAN TGS 26.540 6×6 was not enough and he immediately ordered the right trailer and workshop. The trailer is perfectly adapted to the towing vehicle and the conditions of the Kazakh steppe.

Traction vehicle MD75h on MAN TGS
The truck chassis is suitable for off-road use thanks to a transfer case with off-road reduction as well as permanent four-wheel drive with longitudinal locking and differential locks in the front and rear axles. A parabolic suspension, shock absorbers and stabilizers on the front and rear axle allow the colossus to glide safely over hills and through trenches. 16.00 R 20 tubeless off-road tires have been pulled onto the rims. 540 hp push the MAN TGS 6×6 forward. Including additional tank bunkert the Unicat Mobil 750 liters of diesel. Petrol stations are in short supply in the wasteland and therefore also the trailer is additionally equipped with a 400 liter diesel tank for refueling. A 150 liter petrol tank with pump is used to refuel other vehicles .

The construction of Unicat consists of well-insulated GRP composite panels. The floor is also insulated. The “boss” lives in the MD75h with a gross vehicle weight of 26,000 kilograms. To sleep, he lays down in a 1.80 x 2 meter double bed in his “private suite” in the rear including TV and multimedia system. A door separates this area from the rest of the living space. At the large round seating group, the whole team can accommodate up to six people. Here you can spend time and plans can be forged or even eaten. The teak worktop is equipped with a stainless steel sink and an induction hob with two burners. There is also a MieleOven with steamer. The fridge holds 130 liters and an additional freezer compartment provides space for 65 liters of supplies.

The sanitary room with porcelain flush toilet and separate shower cubicle offers amenities such as home. There is also an extra drying room with radiators for wet clothes. The heating system is generally well-suited for, in part, freezing temperatures in Kazakhstan . A hot water central heating with diesel operation warms up the living and sleeping area. In addition, there is also a gasoline heater. Wastewater and sewage tanks are also heated, which protects against freezing.

Four drinking water tanks with four water pumps hold a volume of 1,100 liters. They lie frost-protected in the interior. The waste water tank holds 150 liters and the fecal tank 140 liters. The toilet is emptied by pressing a button from the cab or the body. When it gets too hot, two roof air conditioners cool down the interior of the vehicle.

The MD75h draws power from six AGM batteries with a capacity of 24 volts. In addition, a 1,250 watts solar system is mounted on the roof and in case of emergency, a generator is on board. A WIFI signal amplifier as well as several radios and satellite trackers ensure good reception even in the middle of nowhere. For added safety, the towing vehicle and trailer each have a light pole with LED work light and a surveillance camera, which are electrically extended.

Trailer WT69
The trailer is equipped with two rigid axles and leaf suspension. The unladen weight of the 6.90-meter-long WT69 is 13,800 kilograms and the gross vehicle weight 18,000 kilograms. Construction and heating system are identical to the towing vehicle . In the front part of the vehicle there are four beds in two bunk beds as well as a kitchen and a sanitary room. You can also convert the beds into seating for up to six people and set up a table.

Exciting on the trailer is the workshop in the rear. You enter through a separate entrance from the back. Inside there is a workbench with base cabinet, as well as a large storage cabinet with drawers, a stand-drill and fryer, a welder and other power tools. Here the motorcycles of rally drivers can be repaired.

The trailer is hung on the MAN TGS with a NATO towing eye . This adapts better to the off-road conditions than an ordinary trailer hitch. A rear view camera over the NATO towing eye monitors whether the trailer is still attached to it. In addition, the trailer has a reversing camera. The driver can switch between this and the towing vehicle .

Together, the team costs 1.25 million euros. The towing vehicle with 800,000 euros is the heaviest in weight, the trailer is about 450,000 euros.