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Trump extends the Huawei ban

Huawei must continue to do without Google services for its smartphones: US President Donald Trump has extended the trading ban by another year.  US President Donald Trump effectively bans business with Chinese network suppliers Huawei and ZTE for another year . He renewed a decree signed in May 2019, proclaiming a national emergency, and banning business between U.S. […]

YouTube is considered the main source of corona false information

A poll showed that most Corona hoaxes are consumed on YouTube. A hint button should now redirect to trusted sites. But the benefits are controversial. People record most of the misinformation about the  corona virus through the YouTube video platform . The research network “Correctiv” found this out on the basis of 1,800 references to possible false information. Almost 46 […]

Fresh wind in lung medicine

Reduce stroke risk by 90%!

For patients with a variety of problems in the thoracic area has changed in recent years, much for the better, are the beginning of October 10 meeting in Vienna lung experts. From rapid diagnosis to surgical intervention to individualized treatment for asthma and lung cancer, progress has been made. Today […]