Jurgen Klinsmann calls to Costa Rica an angry US team

US coach Jurgen Klinsmann has taken his team before the World Cup qualifier in San José Costa Rica in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday (03:00 CET) in the responsibility. “We have to go with anger inside the game, because we do not want to fall back into the group,” said the former Germany coach and World Champion of 1990.


The team of the USA, which supervises the Schwabe since 2011, lost last Friday by a late goal Rafael Marquez with 1: 2 against Mexico. Klinsmann: “The World Cup qualifiers are all nail-biting, all difficult, but it the players are prepared..”

Therefore, the 52-year-old is not worried that his team could not stand against the Leader of Qualifying Group: “On Friday was the first of ten qualifiers I have told the players that we will correct the results in Costa Rica.. ”


The US captain and former player from Borussia Mönchengladbach, Michael Bradley, is confident that his team “will recover mentally and physically” before the Costa Rican duel. Klinsmann: “If we continue the second half against Mexico and then play against Costa Rica, I’m not worried.”

Michael Bradley