Day: January 7, 2019

Infiniti QX Concept

Nissan’s noble daughter Infiniti will present the study of a purely electric powered crossover model at the Detroit Motor Show 2019. In addition, the Infiniti QX concept car to usher in a new design line . Infiniti has a clear commitment to electrify its models from 2021 – either with a hybrid or a purely electric drive. According to various other electric car studies, […]

Nissan at CES 2019

More security and more entertainment . At CES , Nissan shows what opportunities Augmented Reality applications can offer in the car of the future. “I make myself the world as I like it,” sang child heroine Pippi Longstocking once and could have anticipated the automotive future of Nissan . At the CES ( Consumer Electronics Show , January 8-11 , 2019) in Las Vegas, theJapanese introduce their Invisible-to-Visible technology (invisible to visible). Exhausting rides […]

Chinese Space Vehicle

China is not only catching up with the development of conventional road vehicles , but also in space, the emerging nation is active. The Chinese Jade Hare 2 is the first vehicle toexplorethe back of the moon. China has landed a probe softly on the back of the moon with “Chang’e 4” as the first country in the world . The landing site is the Von Kármán Crater […]

Golden Globes 2019: A very special victory for Sandra Oh

The Golden Globe Awards not only feature films , but also TV productions. Former ” Gray’s Anatomy ” star Sandra Oh did something out of the ordinary. The Golden Globe Awards are something special every year. The award ceremony traditionally unites a large star line-up in one room, as both cinema and TV productions are awarded. While in the cinema area “Bohemian Rhapsody” […]