Year: 2016

Best Specialized Bikes 2017

Do you like to get into shape by giving pedals? Note: these are the best Specialized bikes for 2017. All designed by and for the road, the selection is suitable for all pockets. This year, you’ll give pedals better than ever … If one of your resolutions for 2017 is […]

The five best Canyon bikes for 2017

If in 2017 you want to get into shape by pedaling, watch out: these are the five best Canyon bikes for 2017. The selection contains only road bikes, and is suitable for all pockets. Prepare those quadriceps, you’re going to use them … Your favorite sport is cycling ? Do […]

Top 5 best 2017 Giant bikes

Are you a lover of two wheels? Note: these are the best Giant bikes of 2017. All designed by and for the road, the selection is suitable for all pockets. This year, you’ll give pedals better than ever … If one of your resolutions for 2017 is to get fit […]


The 2017 season is just around the corner and almost new bikes are in stores. In this video I would like to show you 10 of the XC bikes for mountain bike, whose renovations (and I say real renovations) have caught my attention. As in the video I mention only […]

TOP 10 social media marketing data for 2017

One more time, a crucial moment for marketers is coming: it’s time to put the finishing touches to social media marketing plans and budgets for the coming year (time flies by, right?). To achieve your marketing goals in 2017, you need to know the latest data and market trends. Only […]

Top 10 of the good purposes for Teeth 2017

Let’s get a healthier smile One of the most magical nights of the year is approaching for children and adults: it is the night of desires. Do you know what we mean? … The last day of the year comes with good intentions, filling us with positive energy to embrace […]

vw gti 2017 -Volkswagen Golf GTI, GTE, Estate and Variant 7 Facelift (2017)

New vw gti 2017 – Specs, design, impressions, tech and pictures. A NEW range of Volkswagen Golf cars the Golf GTI, Golf GTE and Golf Variant are to go on sale in 2017. VW faces stiff competition from the likes of the Ford Fiesta, with the car giants also releasing […]

LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR S With four-wheel steering and performance plus

For the fresh appearance at the Lamborghini Aventador a newly designed front apron ensure with newly designed side air intakes, which now carry a central web. The central lower air inlet appears to have grown larger. The most noticeable change on the rear of the Lamborghini Aventador concerns the exhaust […]

7 Christmas traditions to discover in Europe !!

7 Christmas traditions to discover in Europe .Each country celebrates Christmas in one way or another, according to its tradition. From we have collected the magic of Christmas in 7 European countries and we present them in this post: 7 cities but all with the same goal: enjoy Christmas. […]

Obama threatens retaliation for attacks by hackers

US President Obama announces, “must act” that his government, if a foreign government trying to “attack the integrity of our elections.” It is about the hacker attacks during the US election campaign. The dispute between the US and Russia over hacker attacks during the US election campaign heats up: US […]

5 Technology Trends for 2017

The year is coming to an end and it is time to take a view of the coming year. That’s five technology trends that are the focus of the 2017th. The technology-2017 promises to be exciting. We take a look at five trends that will be the focus. Smart Home […]

Ferrari is launching a new special project with the J50

Ferrari is launching a new special project with the J50 in 2017. From the 690 HP strong roadster, Maranello builds exactly ten models – all adapted according to customer requirements. The manufacturers use in-house special departments for the refinement of their cars. At McLaren himself cares for example MSO. Ferrari […]

Vanguard Roadster

The relatively small New York Motorcycle Show had last weekend a secret star: The Vanguard Roadster. The n@ked bike in the style of Confederate bikes drew everyone’s attention. Vanguard Roadster with more than 100 HP Here, the “S & S” -V2 engine stand with 1,917 cubic centimeters and an output […]

Kim Kardashian: S#xy Comeback in Dessous

Kim Kardashian in “Love” -Christmas Earlier gushed Kim Kardashian ( “Selfish”) Instagram feed on front s#xy snapshots. But after the robbery in Paris, the 36-year-old has withdrawn from the social networks and to the public. For the British magazine “Love” it has its abstinence now however interrupted. On December 12 […]

The longest and deepest railway tunnel in the world is opened

A premiere, on which was worked almost endless long way: The longest and deepest rail tunnel in the world is opened. Around 300 trains a day pass through now the Swiss Alps in record time: for 57 km, it need only 17 minutes. Sunday morning, 6:09. A historic moment. From […]

Lexus IS LIT: This crazy Lexus is a raging disco ball!

Lexus covering a car with 41,999 LEDs for the probably most colorful light-trip of all time. If these rolling disco ball in traffic encountered, which should be fairly flashed from more than 2000 watts and flashing light effects. Stroboscopic flashes of light, quick color changes and pulsating light patterns are […]

Softbank plans to invest $ 50 billion in the US

The US President-elect Trump proudly announces plans for a multibillion major investment from Japan. 50,000 Jobs wants to create the head of the telecom giant Softbank. Details of which it did not name. The Japanese telecoms and technology group SoftBank plans to invest in the coming years: 50 billion dollars […]

71 dead and 6 people survive plane crash

Colombian authorities have revised the number of people killed the plane crash on 71st Investigators currently anticipate fuel shortages as a cause of the crash. The Colombian Civil Protection Authority, the number of dead passengers on the plane crash near Medellin corrected. In the crash were 71, not 75 people […]

This happens when Trump forces Apple to build its iPhone in the US

One of the campaign demands of Donald Trump was to force manufacturers such as Apple, to build their products in the United States rather than in China. Apple has now recalculated what it would cost the – you want it to know. Apple is likely in future to build its […]

Bruce Arena returns to the post of US national coach

Bruce Arena’s Jürgen Klinsmann’s successor as coach of the United States. This was announced by the American Association of US Soccer on Tuesday. The honorary captain of the German national had been released after five years on Monday. Klinsmann was since 2011 in office and led his team, among other […]


Among the premieres at the LA Auto Show 2016 (18 to 27 November) include the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, the VW Atlas and Atuvs Lucid engine. We show all the novelties in the City of Angels! [cycloneslider id=”la-auto-show”] 50 NEW CARS COMING TO LA AUTO SHOW 2016 General Motors will present […]

Jurgen Klinsmann calls to Costa Rica an angry US team

US coach Jurgen Klinsmann has taken his team before the World Cup qualifier in San José Costa Rica in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday (03:00 CET) in the responsibility. “We have to go with anger inside the game, because we do not want to fall back into the group,” […]

Google plans huge headquarters of glass

Internet giant Google is planning a new headquarters in California under gigantic glass domes. The central idea of the project is office space that one can transform freely, the company said in a blog entry on the night of Saturday. The individual buildings should be easily assembled and disassembled in […]

Trump wants no Presidential salary

Donald Trump himself was not sure how much the President of the United States earned at all. “I think by law I have to assume a dollar, so I take a dollar a year,” he said in a television interview on Sunday night. “But it would be -.? I do […]

Donald Trump is US President

Donald Trump goes after his victory in the state of Wisconsin as the winner of the US presidential election campaign. He will be the 45th president of the United Staten of America. Trump surpasses 276 electoral votes the minimum of 270 votes is already clear. Hillary Clinton currently comes on […]

Allo Google’s new upcoming chat app

Allo is colorful, playful and could become a pretty good friend of many smartphone owners. In the background of the chat app works an artificial intelligence (AI), which aims to improve the chat experience with friends. Additionally Allo offers the Google Assistant a personal assistant. The wizard is the search […]

World’s first Hydrogen Train

It’s a world premiere, which will be on view from Wednesday on the rail exhibition InnoTrans in Berlin: a passenger train with hydrogen propulsion. From 2017 it should move in Germany. Also Baden-Württemberg wants to buy trains – once they are ready for practical application. Rail transport without diesel fumes […]

The new 2017 FORD GT

The new Ford GT is a vision. Innovation through performance outdoor impresses the new Ford GT by unprecedented design, eye-catching details and elegant lines, which combines with lightweight materials for excellent aerodynamics. Inside, the sporty look continues: A noble, ultramodern cabin cockpit-style gives you control of each control and the […]

Top 10 The Games Highlights in November

Above all, action and adventure is what video game fans get offered in November. In the “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare”, which will be released on 4 November for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Gamer is fighting for an adrenaline-laden campaign. Multiplayer friends enjoy breathless multiplayer battles and also the […]

Thinnest, Lightest New MacBook Pro Launched by Apple

The MacBook Pro 13 “Retina is a 4-megapixel Retina display that delivers crisp, realistic images. A 2.7 GHz i5 processor with Intel Iris Graphics 6100 graphics and video support, 128GB flash memory PCIe base, 8 GB of memory, a reinforced battery and the Force Touch trackpad with new features also […]

The scariest Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Straight but was still summer, now is already Halloween just around the corner. Because sometimes takes the Preparation for perfect Halloween party outfit too short. Fortunately allows very easy as some magic of your own clothes … Spontaneously to Halloween Party invited but no idea for a costume? No need […]

The 10 nastiest and most embarrassing things that can happen during s#x

S#x is full of relish, romantic – but to happen also things that are so not s#xy. Many talk about their stability, high performance and achievements. We also talk about the other side: the greatest disgust factors during s#x.   Body odor: sweat, bad breath, foot odor – nightmare. A […]

The highlights of the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016

Networking, digitization, automation, alternative drive systems and urban logistics are the central themes of the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2017. And there are of course lots of new trucks. We have the highlights in our slide show! Autonomous driving buses, trucks with pure electric drive , more efficient diesel engines, deep […]

Geinberg5 Private Spa Villas in Upper Austria is the best Lifestyle resort in Europe – World Travel Award

World Travel Award Announced and giving Award: luxury spa in Geinberg :-Geinberg5 Private Spa Villas in Upper Austria is the best Lifestyle resort in Europe. In a small, barely 1,500 inhabitants community in Upper Austria is the best Lifestyle resort in Europe. For the third time in succession, the luxury […]

The new Daimler truck for the US

Daimler shows where depends on the US market the hammer for heavy trucks and presents the new Freightliner Cascadia. He should raise fuel efficiency, connectivity and security to a whole new level. Daimler Trucks in Colorado Springs , Colorado , presented its new flagship for heavy trucks: the new Freightliner […]

Top 10 The best selling cars in the US

In the US, around 8.64 million cars were sold in the 1st half 2016th We show the 10 favorite cars of the Americans. At the top: big pickups and lots of Japanese. Who is searching in the Top 50 in the US registrations for models German carmaker, is very quickly […]

Top 7 great fitness apps for iPhone & Co

If the voice inside is too large, can still make you want to sport the right app. We show you the best fitness apps for iPhone, Android and Co.! [cycloneslider id=”7-healthapps”] Towards the summer figure these apps to keep motivated during exercise and have fun helping. Our colleagues of “Fit […]

Cold Brew Coffee: This has the summer to drink on himself

Cold Brew Coffee penetrating all cafés in German city centers. What behind the in-drink infected and how to cook it. Who L*st gets a caffeine kick in the summer, knows the problem: The obligatory cappuccino is too h#t, the Frappuccino (usually with whipped cream and chocolate sauce garnished) a sweet […]

Record-breaking: These are the most extreme cities in the world

Faster, higher, further – these ten cities are absolute world leaders in their respective categories. For Beijing is not in this case, however, necessarily a compliment … The dirtiest: Beijing, China. “As the world” – so describe Europeans the moment in Beijing “Red Alert” is proclaimed. Then, particulate pollution is […]

Dubai Launch world’s first rainforest Within A hotel

In Dubai it is always good for a surprise: Now a crazy hotel skyscraper with rainforest and Skypool is planned. The Rosemount Hotel and Residences with 450 rooms and 280 serviced apartments is scheduled to open in 2018 and be the first Curio by Hilton in the UAE. The large-scale […]

Kristina Pimenova Now the most beautiful girl in the world 2016

The most beautiful girl in the world At just 10 years Kristina Pimenova transmogrified already for brands like Armani or Dolce & Gabbana. Now she has got her first modeling contract. Known Kristina Pimenova is as “the most beautiful girl in the world”. The Russian is just ten years old […]

Pokemon Go player shot dead in US

A 20 year old man was shot and killed, apparently while playing mobile game Pokemon Go in San Francisco in the United States. According to authorities, 20-year-old Calvin Riley shot Saturday night by an unknown assailant at the tourist area of ​​Aquatic Park. Police are still working to find out […]

Top 10 Most popular cars in Russia 2016

Russians are buying differently. We have new registrations from Russia analyzed and extracted the best sellers of the first half 2016th The Russian car market is on their feet. In H1 2016, went registrations continued to fall. With 672,140 first placed on the market car market remained 14.1% below the […]

Top Tips for cold hands

Cold hands are for women, unfortunately, a common problem. Many suffer not only in winter under icy fingers, but also in summer cold hands, although the rest of the body is warm. We will explain the causes of Eishänden and tell you how you can warm up your fingers quickly […]

Trumps opponents and supporters to Congress in open dispute

At the party the US Republican violent dispute over the proposed nomination of the real estate billionaire Donald Trump has erupted for presidential candidates. long round half an hour to opponents and supporters delivered a war of words. The keynote speaker of the first day was Trump’s wife Melania, who […]

Top Ten fastest smartphones in the world

AnTuTu is a fixed size, when it comes to benchmarking. In all our smartphone reviews we consider AnTuTu and now the Chinese company has on his blog published a top ten in which they list the ten smartphones with the best performance. AnTuTu refers explicitly to the first quarter of […]

The 10 most expensive dog breeds in the world 2016

A dog is the best friend of man . It is loyal, affectionate and always happy, you see when you get home from school or work. We treat them with much love and care and we make sure they are current vaccinations and drugs always get . We also give […]

The 10 Most Expensive Liquor On Earth till 2016

Perpetual displeasure sober souls everywhere, alcohol is a drug that is deeply rooted in our culture collective. Not only here in the Western world not; evidence of the consumption of alcoholic beverages can be found at the Neolithic hunter-gatherers remains what means their consumption and production may very well pre-date […]

The 10 Coolest trends for summer 2016

Jeans, Military, sequins, delicate lace and floral prints – we will see the ten Coolest trends for summer! (And make ever place in our wardrobes). Asymmetric shoulders Summer Trend flower prints Summer Trend Jeans New modesty Summer Trend Military trend SUMMER TRENDS PASTEL SHADES SUMMER TRENDS BLOUSES AND SKIRTS SUMMER […]

Docoss X1: guesswork to a new Rs.- 888 -smartphone from India

In India currently trying several vendors to go with from the view here unbelievably cheap smartphones to catch customers. After a few weeks ago, the Freedom 251 drew attention to himself, which will only cost 251 rupees, , contact the Docoss X1 now a competitor in the plan should be […]

India launches another satellite and GPS comes closer Alternative

The Indian space agency Isro began 2016 with a bang: The fifth satellite IRNSS-E for the regional positioning system IRNSS was successfully launched into orbit. The position system IRNSS is an alternative to the US system GPS. Indian GPS alternative comes in six months The scientists of Isro announced that […]

Amazon enthusiastic market with surprisingly high quarterly profit

The US online retailer Amazon has completed the first quarter with a surprisingly high profit. Net income was at 513 million dollars (452 ​​million euros), as the company announced. The US online retailer Amazon has completed the first quarter with a surprisingly high profit. Net income was at 513 million […]

15 Upcoming Horror Movies in 2016 That Should Not Be Missed At Any Cost

Every industry has its ups and downs, so is the horror movies industry. As the great films are releasing there is nothing to stop them. This year, original flicks such as Halloween and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre are releasing its sequels while others are releasing its prequels. Whatever be your […]

Top 10 Most Beautiful Egyptian Women 2016

Gone are the days when Egyptian women were a mystery and used to hide their beauty due religious matters and other policies. During those eras, the women who dared to deny the rules of their country were abused and punished, as it was an alien concept for Egyptians to unveil […]