The highlights of the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016

Networking, digitization, automation, alternative drive systems and urban logistics are the central themes of the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2017. And there are of course lots of new trucks. We have the highlights in our slide show!

Autonomous driving buses, trucks with pure electric drive , more efficient diesel engines, deep insights into innovative tank and charging infrastructure solutions – much of what at the IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover is presented later finds its way into the passenger car segment. Therefore it is worthwhile not only for truckers closer look.

320 world premieres at the IAA

From 22 to 29 September will present their innovations at 270,000 square meters 2,000 exhibitors from 52 countries. Announced 320 world premieres, plus more than 100 European premieres. Under the motto “Ideas are our driving (” Driven by Ideas “)” show manufacturer of heavy trucks, vans and buses, trailer and body, and the many suppliers and service providers, what they have in store.

You can not imagine anything under the heading platooning? Trucks will in future be chained to each other electronically, thus exploiting the roads close formation. This saves fuel and transport area, also it prevents elephant race and rear-end collisions. In jams the truck columns are performed automatically. New driver assistance systems will also facilitate the daily lives of professional drivers. Automated Parking or automatic loading and unloading will be granted.

Even without networking is the future in the transport industry nothing. Information about the driver, vehicle, load and route infrastructure are exchanged digitally and in real time. Goods coming so the future more quickly and efficiently to their destination. Especially in big cities can be as optimized logistics reduce traffic.