Formula 1: Grid Girls goods earlier sharper?

Attractive girls and fast cars – this combination is not new. But because in Formula 1 now everything must be politically correct, the ladies no longer show now long as freely as before.

In our gallery, we show you how freely it was in the good old days in the paddock.

The Formula 1 is no longer what it used to be. The older generation of fans remembers like the times when it was really dangerous to get into the cockpit as the engines roared so loud that formed themselves hackles and the pilots were not instructed by their engineers to save fuel.


Pilots as James Hunt or Keke Rosberg smoked was still unabashedly a cigarette on the grid. Today is not even advertising the fags allowed. The Formula 1 has lost the Wicked. The sponsors are hosting a clinically pure product without explicit images.

F1 Girls posing half n@ked in car

Politically Correct it now goes to and comes to women. Among the drivers there are no long-confessed playboy more. The grid girls on the grid give nowadays mostly highly closed. Previously posed the girls promotional still half-n@ked on the cars. Team bosses and pilots could be like photographed with the Graces.