10 Hotel records around the world!

Yes, the size is important, and the length! Here come the 10 most stunning hotels in the world!
The longest bar in the world? The smallest hotel in the world !? Or would equal the biggest hotel complex? Here come Super Hotels with whom you flay home impression. Because can stay in luxury hotels send anyone, but to report that you have stayed even in the narrowest or highest hotel in the world, that’s really cool! And so you know, if you it to Dubai , Singapore or “only” after Bayern need, we present the online travel company HolidayCheck the ten rekordverdächtigsten hotels in the world. Good Trip!
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1. Record Hotel: The highest hotel: “JW Marriott Marquis” in Dubai , United Arab Emirates
, you are afraid of heights? That’s great, because then in the plane and off to Dubai ! The tallest hotel in the world will impress: fabled 1608 rooms, 72 floors crass, spread over two towers, each with a height of 355 meters. The “JW Marriot” is so unbeatably high. But also by its nine restaurants, five lounges and two elegant ballrooms, which can also be booked as a wedding location, if you book early and always hovering just in seventh heaven!

2. Record Hotel: The largest hotel: ” The Venetian Resort & Casino” Las Vegas , USA could spend the night your whole hometown Here! Provided you do not come from Hamburg, but a small town. There alone 4049 suites. Yes, you read that right. All suites, no cubby!And thanks to sister hotel ” The Palazzo” again 7128 rooms to. Located on the famous Strip of Las Vegas is “small” -Venice way world known as famous venue for poker tournaments. Conclusion: 40 floors, 18 restaurants, a wax museum, the status as the largest hotel in the world – Reasons Reasons added fly and check.

3. Record Hotel: The smallest and slimmest Hotel: “Eh’häusl” in Amberg, Bavaria No, you really can not have claustrophobia, if you go to Bayern go. In the red “marriage house” should be built rather narrow at a hotel width of 2.50 meters however. The cute and built in 1728. Hotel was once the way reserved exclusively for newly weds and their honeymoon.Firecrackers! And speaking: after a collapse in 1976 schnuckelige hotel is true to the original and operated again only in 2008. So if you are planning to get married or are soon in Bavaria we recommend this record-breaking hotel!

4. Record Hotel: The longest and highest infinity pool: “Marina Bay Sands ” Singapore you love pools? You are this gigantic pool with views of the entire skyline of Singapore no longer want to leave! Because of this impressive panoramic swimming pool is the largest outdoor swimming pool in the world, where the hard facts: at 146 meters it is the longest infinity pool in the world. It connects the three towers of the Marina Bay , making this fabulous scenery built on 191 meters. Relaxed your sightseeing was never – especially in bikini with cocktail in hand.

5. Record Hotel: The highest open-air rooftop: “Sirocco” in Bangkok, Thailand
Wow! This imposing backdrop even managed to Hollywood! Oh, you already know? Then you are probably one of the millions of ” The Hangover 2″ fans. There, the open-air restaurant played a role in a scene. No wonder that Bradley Cooper is beautiful up here found and sometimes wanted to enjoy the stunning rooftop of the 360-degree panoramic view. Unfortunately, he will not be there as a guest if you arrive, but Bangkok is indeed without him worth the trip. And you pull out so reasonable to! Because here there – not just for Hollywood stars – a strict dress code.
6. Record Hotel: The oldest hotel: “Hotel Hoshi Ryokan” in Komatsu, Japan
you have before eh, sometimes to Japan to fly? Perfect, then travel to Komatsu and check in at the very oldest hotel in the world. It was founded in the 718th Yes, you read that right, and we have since forgotten no. 1 Japan is an old country! And thus, the Hoshi Ryokan is now a family-run in the 46th generation, you can think about how hard it might be, to book a room. But try your luck! In the oldest family business in the world – for nearly 1300 years on the market it -schlummert Namely wonderful. You also houses the hotel in typical Japanese futons. But please take off your shoes at the entrance, before you check in this record-breaking hotel! They are in Japan and some traditions never change!

7. Record Hotel: The highest bar: “Ozone Bar” in The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, China
Yeah, here you can watch in eagle eye view of the big city bustle and cool cocktails in the highest bar – the Ozone Bar of the Ritz-Carlton – sipping! Perfect ending to a evening in Hong Kong. Of course, not only at night, but if the metropolis is lit makes it even more fun, down to watch from the 118th floor of 467 meters and to enjoy the view. For this, a gin and tonic and peace on earth enjoy! But better have a drink …
8. Record Hotel: The highest hotel restaurant: “Burj Khalifa” in Dubai , United Arab Emirates
This skyscraper is currently the tallest building in the world. Dizzyingly high and offers the world’s first original Giorgio Armani Hotel! Meaning it here by suites teeming. 163 floors!Dine as a guest in the sensational highest restaurant in the world! The “At.Mosphere” is near the top, in the 122nd floor! Yes, you might be bad, but the food it would not be safe.Finally, here provides a top chef for your welfare.

9. Record Hotel: The longest and largest wine cellar: “Hotel de Paris” in Monte Carlo, Monaco
you are wine lovers? Trés bien! Because at this hotel, the longest and largest wine cellars in the world is housed. You can drink by more than 600,000 bottles. If you really have money give yourself the oldest bottle of wine is from the year 1835. Whether it tastes another question. But the historic building is 1500 square meters in size and hosts mainly French wines and champagne. However, a stay at the legendary hotel is not cheap. For the price of about 50 bottles of good wine, you get a room here. In other words: 250 euros per night. Bonne nuit et Santé!
10. Record Hotel: The highest indoor swimming pool: “Hotel The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong,” China
Discreet wanted luxury at dizzying heights? There you go, because the Chinese Ritz-Carlton is exactly right for you! At nearly 500 meters, relax high above the clouds. But fly better in the summer out, because in the spring low hanging rain clouds can obscure the panorama. Allegedly similar to the view the way the feeling of “the landing approach the plane”, we have let’s say. Oh, you have fear of flying? Then from scurrying close to the huge pool and eyes!