BMW Launch Next generation BMW 5 Series G30 coming in 2017

Early 2017 brings BMW the next generation of the BMW 5 Series at the start. Erlkönig images After first official series G30, there are now the first pictures. Also in the gallery: The new BMW 5 Series Touring.

The new BMW 5 Series will premiere in the fall. He is changed outwardly gentle. More important are the technical changes: Up to 100 kilograms of weight want to save the program. One step further, it goes back to the crosslinking. From August leads BMW progressive new “Connected Drive” services: for instance, recognizes the navigation, for example, frequently traveled routes and suggests alternative routes depending on traffic conditions before. Also matches the app regularly scheduled appointments and the traffic situation and recommends a suitable departure time. The 5 Series will get a version that goes further. New 5 Series is also the Connected feature “Remote 3D View”, which allows to retrieve real-time three-dimensional views of the vehicle via a smartphone.

New BMW 5 Series: First look into the cockpit


We can consider thanks to the Erlkönig images already first details of the new cockpit. The instrument cluster indicate with partially open chrome rings true circular instruments on, but these are completely represented by a screen. Located centrally on the dashboard a freestanding touch screen in future builds. The known rotary-push-button control of the iDrive remains next to the selector lever. The cockpit is reminiscent of that of the BMW 7 Series – falls but from some driver-oriented.

Thanks to a completely new lightweight platform that is based on aluminum and magnesium, the new is BMW lose 5er around 100 kilograms. Also in the interior, many components are slimmed. The design, however, no revolution is on. The current BMW line is smoothly developed, the back window of the sedan is flat. When Touring seems to change anything on the lines.

No three-cylinder in 5er

When driving puts BMW on the new generation of engines that assembles the engines from the 0.5-liter cylinder units. Under the hood, so four-, six- and eight-cylinder heart will beat, which will cover a power range from approximately 200 to 450 hp at the petrol. On top of course follows another M5.
The diesel should bring between 150 and 350 hp at the start. The use of three cylinders, as by now, the BMW Group also in the program, the former BMW boss had Norbert Reithofer ruled out. Suppose, however, is the hybrid drive, as it will come in the X5 used. Here combined BMW a two-liter four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine with 245 hp and 350 Nm with a 83 kW and 250 Nm strong electric motor. In a system output of 313 hp, fuel consumption of the BMW X5 3.3 liter. Should be derived from the new 5 Series also i5, a sedan with a strong e-drive and Burn Down support.

In the next 5 Series also the newest generation of the predictive drive is used. Here carry avionics, navigation system and in future radar and camera sensors in the vehicle front helps to recognize the shape of the road and the route profile. The automatic transmission can be adapted as efficiently as possible.

Manufacturing is the new BMW 5 Series again in Dingolfing, but not exclusively. After “Info” Automobil Produktion “to roll off the assembly 50000-70000 units also at Magna Steyr in Graz. Currently, the mini models Paceman and Countryman there will still be produced. BMW had early last year signed a connection agreement with Magna Steyr. The available capacity is to be filled with the 5 Series.