Allo Google’s new upcoming chat app

Allo is colorful, playful and could become a pretty good friend of many smartphone owners. In the background of the chat app works an artificial intelligence (AI), which aims to improve the chat experience with friends. Additionally Allo offers the Google Assistant a personal assistant. The wizard is the search engine in chat form. The personal chief secretary, who knows everything: In the morning he tells the weather, daytime forthcoming dates and evenings, where best to go even a beer.

Allo want to know everything – and knows everything
To use Allo, one must not particularly register yet have a Google Account. Instead one specifies his mobile number that verifies Google using an SMS. The app then searches the phone book of the mobile phone and can then tell who already Allo uses of the contacts. Friends who have not yet the app, you can invite via SMS.
The Google Messenger calls for generous access permissions: contacts, messages, GPS data, camera, photos – everything. Only then can the Google Assistant, with which one communicates via a chat, are fully active. Whether restaurant recommendation, the route for the business trip or a little game for in between – all this can be done via chat.