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The most fantastic mountains in Europe

From snowy slopes on Spitsbergen to the golden glowing Matterhorn – the photographer Johan Lolos has found the most beautiful mountains on a road trip through 17 countries. If a photo makes you want to go to the place where it was created, then everything is fine. The Belgian Johan […]

Dreaming luxury: The most spectacular yachts in the world

Dreaming luxury: The most spectacular yachts in the world Tennis court, submarine, own hospital – these award-winning superyachts make us wonder. Whether tennis court, submarine or your own hospital – these award-winning superyachts make (almost) superfluous landings. Luxury is not just a great thing if you enjoy it yourself. It’s […]

The TOP 10 Most Beautiful Car Tours Through Germany

From Rugen to Lake Constance, from the Thuringian Forest to the French border – Germany is a single road trip. Because countless fantastic roads lead through the whole country. We present the most beautiful routes for your next holiday. [cycloneslider id=”top-10-beautiful-car-tours”] When temperatures rise outside, the discoverer spirit awakens. You […]

Top 10 Lonely Planet Destinations 2017 are really worth their money in 2017

Breathtaking landscapes, a lot of culture and yet an affordable price – in a similar way the majority of travelers would describe their dream holiday. “Lonely Planet” has selected a top 10 destinations that are worth their money The “Upper Peninsula of Michigan”, the upper peninsula, is one of the […]

7 Christmas traditions to discover in Europe !!

7 Christmas traditions to discover in Europe .Each country celebrates Christmas in one way or another, according to its tradition. From we have collected the magic of Christmas in 7 European countries and we present them in this post: 7 cities but all with the same goal: enjoy Christmas. […]

Geinberg5 Private Spa Villas in Upper Austria is the best Lifestyle resort in Europe – World Travel Award

World Travel Award Announced and giving Award: luxury spa in Geinberg :-Geinberg5 Private Spa Villas in Upper Austria is the best Lifestyle resort in Europe. In a small, barely 1,500 inhabitants community in Upper Austria is the best Lifestyle resort in Europe. For the third time in succession, the luxury […]

Record-breaking: These are the most extreme cities in the world

Faster, higher, further – these ten cities are absolute world leaders in their respective categories. For Beijing is not in this case, however, necessarily a compliment … The dirtiest: Beijing, China. “As the world” – so describe Europeans the moment in Beijing “Red Alert” is proclaimed. Then, particulate pollution is […]

Do You Know the Top 10 Music Festivals in Europe for 2016?

When you think of cool sounds in summer sunshine, continental Europe is the destination for you. Picking the best music festivals from Secret Solstice of Iceland to Love International of Croatia, here is your bucket list for music festivals in Europe for 2016:   Love International, Croatia This festival takes […]

The Top 10 Things to Do in Dubai

Are you planning a trip to Dubai this year? There is some good news. Many exciting projects and attractions come to existence every day here. The development has made this destination a little more than a desert. Do you want to do motorcycling through sand dunes? Do you want to […]

list of the 10 highest lakes in the world and extraordinary

#1 . Lima . From the lake Ojos del Salado , located in Chile until Saiful Muluk- located near Naran in Pakistan, are the lakes situated between the valleys and the highest mountains on Earth, according to page All Adventures . #2 Lake Ojos del Salado is almost 21 thousand feet at the foot of the highest volcano inthe […]

Favorite Destinations of Bollywood Celebrities

Bollywood stars are going different places for shooting, movie promotions, film festivals, award ceremonies and holidaying. They get to experience the exquisite locations due to the requirement of their work. And we only gaze at these locations in awe and visualize ourselves to be there one day. However, the hidden […]