Trump wooing African American

In surveys of Republican presidential candidate is now well behind his Democratic rival Clinton. Now Trump tries to score with African Americans.
The election campaign Donald Trump was repeatedly marred by racist failures. In a speech at a church in Detroit, Michigan, he recruited now to the support of black voters and expressed unusually humble before the mostly African American audience. “We are all brothers and sisters” Not in his usual gruff Wahlkampfton but calmly and in a strikingly moderate tone said the Republican presidential candidate to the faithful, the nation should be split, “we talk to each other, not with each other.” He added, “nothing is sadder than if we exclude young black men with significant potential.”
Trump promises more jobs and prosperity
He had come “to listen and learn.” Trump promised in the event of an election victory in November to improve the situation of blacks in the country, as in the formation and in the labor market. The political system has failed, and he’ll fix this, “so that you can help.”
Protests in front of church
While the right-wing populist billionaire real estate in the Church of the Great Faith Ministries Township rhythmically clapping to the songs of the faithful, demonstrated outside a crowd against him. About a hundred protesters tried to break through the barrier in front of the church. They were prevented by the security forces it.
Trump has been trying for weeks specifically about his democratic rival Hillary Clinton to make black voters alienated. According to surveys he comes so far in this population but only one to two percent. Traditional African American voters vote for the Democrats. In November a decision on the successor of US President Barack Obama, the first African American to hold the post.