Halloween: Barack and Michelle Obama dancing to “Thriller”

It is the last time that Barack and Michelle Obama celebrate Halloween at the White House. And for this they have invented something very special.

US President Barack Obama (55) and his First Lady Michelle Obama (52) once again proved that they are right entertainer. On her last Halloween party at the White House the outgoing president and his wife danced Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” , is seen at various US media . Of course, they also received again many young people and children.

As the daughter of the Obamas celebrate, learn to Clipfish

In total 4,000 people were said to be on site, including a lot of children in superhero costumes, numerous princesses and even guys who as Barack Obama had dressed. Particularly brave was a child, which appeared as Lame Duck ( “lame duck”) when the Obamas. Finally, so politicians are called slightly derogatory, although still in the office, but not standing for re-election – as that which currently also Barack Obama himself.

The fun is Obama but also by did not miss. “We have a little dance rehearsed,” Obama said in front of his “Thriller” inlay. “We do not know how it is, but we think we should try nevertheless times.” Obama wore this jeans and a dark sweater, his wife a patterned yellow-brown dress. More than a few arm and head movements did not jump in performance out though, the audience responded enthusiastically nonetheless.

Source: spot on news