Trump called Germany as a negative example for immigration policy

In a keynote speech on immigration critical US presidential candidate Donald Trump Germany has cited as a negative example. The Republican threw his counter-candidate Hillary Clinton on Monday (local time) in Ohio prior to jeopardize by lax immigration policy to US security. “Hillary Clinton wants America’s Angela Merkel are, and you know what disaster has caused this massive immigration for Germany and the Germans,” he added.

With the speech Trump wanted to explain his ideas for security policy and counterterrorism. As president, he wanted the hurdles for immigrants in the United States increased significantly and check aggravated nationals entering foreigners, said the candidate. “I call it extreme security checks”, he added. “We should just let those in the country who share our values ​​and respect our people.”

He would suspend immigration from “some of the most dangerous and unstable regions of the world”, which are known to ” terrorism to export”. Trump referred to terrorist attacks in the United States , which had been committed “by immigrants or children of immigrants.”

The massive immigration have crime in Germany “can rise to a level that no one had ever expected,” claimed the Republicans. He specifically mentioned “s#xual violence and attacks,” New Year’s Eve in Cologne . “We have enough problems in our country, we do not need another,” Trump said.

In the fight against radical Islamic groups such as the Dschihadistenmiliz “Islamic State” he wanted to focus on “new approaches” for working together with allies, explained Trump. “Very close,” he wanted it with the NATO cooperate, over which he had been critical in previous appearances.

“I have said earlier that the NATO is obsolete because it has no adequate response to the terrorism takes,” Trump said. “Since my remarks they have changed their policy and now set up a new unit for terrorist threat – very good,” he added. As an important ally in the fight against terror Trump called again Russia, with which a government would find “intersections” under his leadership.

Again threw Trump the Democratic administration of Barack Obama of failure in the fight against IS. The emergence of Dschihadistenmiliz was a “direct result of political decisions,” Obama and former Secretary of State Clinton . His controversial statement, Obama was the “founder” of the IS, Trump did not repeat in the speech.

The keynote address was Trumps campaign team draw attention again towards policy issues after the candidate had caused in recent weeks with provocative remarks stir. In the polls he is well behind his opponent Clinton dropped.

US Vice President Joe Biden accused the Republicans meanwhile before absolute ignorance in foreign policy and security issues. “No candidate of a major party in the history of the United States has less known and less was prepared to protect our national security, as Donald Trump,” Biden said at a campaign rally Clinton in Pennsylvania.