Lexus IS LIT: This crazy Lexus is a raging disco ball!

Lexus covering a car with 41,999 LEDs for the probably most colorful light-trip of all time. If these rolling disco ball in traffic encountered, which should be fairly flashed from more than 2000 watts and flashing light effects.

Stroboscopic flashes of light, quick color changes and pulsating light patterns are just some of the light effects, the Lexus dominated LIT IS. The belonging to the Toyota group brand, the radiant Lexus sedan now available in a music video by British artist Dua Lipa. There, actors Ansel Elgort and the Lexus IS LIT make the lead role in dispute. The young Americans are known for example from the science fiction series “The Divergent”. Moreover Elgort received the MTV Movie Award for best movie kiss.


41,999 LED lighting effects

Unterbodenbeleuchtung, which is an extra of yesterday. And who knows the crazy Custom scene in Tokyo, who knows to what creations the Japanese are capable of. The Lexus IS LIT is coated with exactly 41,999 LEDs. Along the small lamps have an output of 2,043 watts and producing 175,000 lumens. This is one hundred times brighter than a conventional H7 halogen headlights.

Wired, the LEDs with more than 1.6 kilometers of cable. Interconnected to an interactive light organ, are the mini-lights to be able to respond both to their environment as well as on the driver and his driving style and not least to the music played.


Here, the frenzied disco ball projecting animated graphics on the bodywork or paint areas of color and pattern. In the video of the LED Lexus interacts to the beat of pop music and plays in some scenes starring.

Musik-Video “Be the One”

The rolling neon sign of Lexus you probably can never buy. Because the individual pieces should not get any street legal. Nevertheless, it is definitely an eye-catcher of the special kind.

This converted to light organ Lexus IS worried the neon sign for the video streaming service Vevo. Vevo want to put the artist Dua Lipa in her new video “Be the One” colored-in fascinating scene in turn. For common one uses the Lexus IS LIT. This performance has been achieved.