The new Daimler truck for the US

Daimler shows where depends on the US market the hammer for heavy trucks and presents the new Freightliner Cascadia. He should raise fuel efficiency, connectivity and security to a whole new level.

Daimler Trucks in Colorado Springs , Colorado , presented its new flagship for heavy trucks: the new Freightliner Cascadia. Like its predecessor, is also the new Cascadia, which is available from January 2017 to become the market leader. These Freightliner has drawn numerous registers.

Cascadia for Super aerodynamics

new Daimler truck
With an aerodynamically optimized shape and a revised powertrain, fuel consumption should have been reduced by 8%. For an additional charge an additional Aero package is offered, which offers even more savings. Despite the extensive paneling components are in case of damage to be easily replaceable and thus help save costs.
new Cascadia a very special even in trucks.
Unlike other companies, Freightliner relies on an integrated powertrain that is to say: we do everything ourselves, from the engine to the axle. New offer two six-cylinder in-line engines with 12.8 and 14.8 liters. Both make 400 hp and provide a maximum torque of 2,373 Nm. Both are combined with an automated transmission with 10 or 13 gears. Other engines extend the range from 350 to 800 hp. In addition, can be had for the Cascadia manual gearbox with 10, 13 and 18 gears and a full automatic. Offered is the Cascadia with two or three axles as 4×2, 6×2 and 6×4.

Fully Networked Truck

Connectivity is a major issue and the new Cascadia a very special even in trucks. A new technology platform report signals a fault directly to a virtual technician, so problems can be identified and solved. Integrated low also functions for fleet management, automated analyzes are fuel efficiency , drivability, development over time, causes and key data transmitted to the fuel consumption. Of course, the on-board electronics can be refueled in reverse with fresh software “on air”.
Gearbox, automated gearbox or a fully automatic are available.
In addition, the new Cascadia offers a whole package of safety technologies. The new full-LED system to significantly enlarge the field of vision at night and in poor weather conditions. An optional security package includes Brake Assist Active Brake Assist, which initiates an emergency stop on fixed objects, and an adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning. Standard equipment includes all-LED headlights and heated side mirrors.

Freightliner Cascadia with luxury cabin on request

About louder efficiency and safety as well as the driver has not been forgotten. The resident on request in a luxury lounge with headroom. You can choose between a total of seven cab variants. If the large cabin chosen for the long haul use, so can be there next to an office and a kitchen set. Two benches and a table element can be arranged accordingly. Microwave and refrigerator safeguard the physical well, a flat screen ensures relaxation.