Ferrari is launching a new special project with the J50

Ferrari is launching a new special project with the J50 in 2017. From the 690 HP strong roadster, Maranello builds exactly ten models – all adapted according to customer requirements.

The manufacturers use in-house special departments for the refinement of their cars. At McLaren himself cares for example MSO. Ferrari brings his expertise in “Special Project Department”. Recently, a new order flipped in there. For 50 years the Italians sell their sports cars in Japan . Reason enough for an anniversary model – the J50 .

Ferrari J50 with known twin-turbo V8


Based on the Ferrari 488 Spider , an exclusive supercar should arise. Out came the Ferrari J50 – a two-seat roadster with central engine and two-piece Targa roof made of carbon. The open super sports car spoils the driver with 690 hp from the well-known 3.9-liter V8, which is fed by two turbochargers with compressed air. Compared to its platform dispenser are the 20 HP more.

Ferrari builds from J50 exactly ten models that all remain exclusive to the Japanese market. Each individual should be adapted to the wishes and extravagances of the buyers. But the steering wheel seems to remain left, although in Japan drive on the left. The design of the Roadster differs greatly from the 488 Spider and engages features old Ferrari sports car on. In the front hood can Ferrari one two air ducts made of carbon. The lights are no longer almost perpendicular in the body to the front part of the fenders, but are much narrower and more horizontal. The designers reworked the sills completely.

Design loans from F40 and F50


As the edge of the Ferrari J50 . The front fenders take up the lower line of the side windows and tower heavily up. This symbolizes strength. In the wheel arches, 20-inch-wide forged rims rotate. The lines are characterized by a black strip, which runs from the nose through the side doors to the modified air intake into the rear fender. Their intention Ferrari interpret the lateral lines of F40, F50 or 288 GTO modern. “It is a key element in the design of the car, which circles around the front part below the knee height, thus changing the perception of the belt line. It acts much lower and transformed the J50 in a Barchetta, “says Ferrari the idea.


The sill changed the design team in Maranello also. The twin-turbo V8 covers Ferrari from a polycarbonate disc, which bulges and thus takes up the shape of the roll bars on the seats. The two guards clamped Ferrari a bridge. This design element is intended to recall sports prototypes from the 1960s.

In the stern are four round lights below a large tear-off edge. When Ferrari 488 Spider is only two. The diffuser was also knitted. The aerodynamics optimized Ferrari by closed ranks, the radiator in the front of the vehicle and the windshield at the top of hired flat. The interior is laid Ferrari made in black-red.