“Game of Thrones”: This co-stars now have an identical tattoo

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner playing Stark sisters Arya and Sansa in the hit series “Game of Thrones”. Now the two actresses who get stung her tight private connection to the skin.

They play sisters in the HBO series “Game of Thrones” and are also privately close friends: We are talking about Maisie Williams (19) and Sophie Tuner (20) alias Arya and Sansa Stark . Now the two actresses have their sisterly bond with identical tattoos strengthened.

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Tattoo artist Miss Kat Paine betrayed the tattoo action on their Facebook account with a black and white photo of himself and the two girls. The design not disclosed, however, because it wanted to post even the actresses. But they told the curious fans that it is identical tattoos NOT TRADE and both were incredibly nice. In the photo, a tattoo on film is Maisie Williams’ left arm to see. A closer look at figures can be seen.

“07 August, 2009.”

The British women are said to have the date “07 August, 2009.” stab in Ireland have. This presumption can by a letter from Maisie Williams are based on her Instagram account. There they shared a photo of herself and Sophie Turner , whose commentary is said date. It could be the date on which they both know that they will play in “Game of Thrones”. Or – which probably should be more likely – the date on which they have to know each other. This sister love brings all fans determined to melt.