FBI released documents to Clinton email scandal

the step is justified by the fact that the case of particularly high public interest is. can accuse you of Democratic presidential candidate Clinton thing: carelessness.
The 58-page paper the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, from the over long passages confidential information has been repaid, in particular documents the survey Hillary Clinton to the affair involving the use of a private e-mail server as US Secretary of State in their time. The material includes a general summary of the interviews, the feds with today’s democratic presidential candidate and some of her confidants have led. Even technical details of the construction of the server in the basement of the Clinton property are called.

Republicans taunt further
The publication of such documents is an extremely rare step. The FBI had decided, as the case of particularly high public interest is.
Although the Justice Department has waived in Washington on official investigations against Clinton, the affair is still contaminating the election campaign of the Democratic presidential candidate. The Republicans are trying to keep the issue in the US election campaign even after the end of an investigation of the FBI running.

“Extremely carefree”
The Federal Police had the Justice Department in early July suggested to bring charges against Clinton. FBI Director James Comey said Clinton had no evidence of intentional violation of the law. She and her colleagues had but been “extremely careless” in dealing with work email and also as secret classified material.
Clinton had used private server for their official e-mail correspondence during her time as Foreign Minister from 2009 to 2013, an official e-mail address they had not possessed. Thus they violated the applicable safety rules. Although they handed subsequently most of their e-mail traffic to the State Department, according to the FBI were among 110 emails with as confidential Classified Used Content. More than 30,000 e-mails identified were personal contents, put Clinton. Secret information not contained their details to.