Demi Lovato: Back to Yellow haired mane

Once again a new hairstyle: US singer Demi Lovato wears her hair back blond. On Instagram they presented their “golden curls”.

Everything is new in the fall – at least according to Demi Lovato goes: The US singer (24, “Confident” ) has her Instagram followers presented yellow hairs suddenly on Sunday. The 24-year-old published a selfie, they, with wavy long peroxide yellow hair showing. “Goldie locks” – in German “Golden curls” wrote Lovato to the snapshot. The musician usually wears a dark brown when cut usually a rather short Bob. About three years ago had Lovato can bleach their hair already once before, in the meantime, they sat on a dark pink.

The singer and actress, who in 2008 was primarily with the Disney movie “Camp Rock” reached more notoriety had recently on Twitter announced their provisional withdrawal from show business. “I am so in 2017. I make a break from the music and the spotlight … I’m not made for the business and the media,” it said in early October.