Kim Kardashian: She struggles against her nasty disease

Kim Kardashian as you know: Light clothed them lolling on the beach. But the reality star unfortunately under a terrible disease.

Reality star Kim Kardashian is one of the most attractive women in the world. But looking as good as they are always presented itself, it is not: The Selfie Queen is suffering from a skin disease.

Top styled and perfectly staged: So you know Kim Kardashian (35, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians “) usually. But now the reality star has his “biggest flaw confession”: She suffers from psoriasis . On its website, the mother of two has for the first time in detail about her longtime struggle with the skin disease spoken. It also has a video posted on YouTube, that it points at a photo shoot – with highly visible red spots.

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“A part of me”

“Since in 2010 for the first time a psoriasis was diagnosed with, I’m pretty open handle it,” she explains in her latest post. “I have this one spot on my right leg, which is best seen. I do not even try to cover it big.” Sometimes they have a feeling that it was her biggest flaw and everyone knows it, “Why cover so”

Quite surprisingly, the diagnosis six years ago did not come but: Kim’s mother Kris Jenner (60) also suffers from the hereditary skin disease . Be It was also that the psoriasis immediately recognized as such. In order to stem the inflammation of their skin, they use every night a cortisone cream, they also get sprayed every few years cortisone. Kardashian hopes one day to be able to be cured. But until then, “I’m learning it as a portion to accept from me.”