The ten best tips for healthy sleep in the office

Against lack of concentration and fatigue in the office Powernaps are often very effective. The following 10 tips recommend sleep experts to be fully back at work.

Powernaps are short but intense sleep phases , which help to increase the concentration and performance potential. With them live the listlessness be overcome and there is energy spurts. Mark Beyer ‘s sleep expert and has 10 simple tips compiled by which the power nap can be successfully integrated into the own (working) lives.

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1. More concentration and performance by Powernaps

Powernaps have proven conducive to productivity . At the same time they reduce the risk of health risks such as heart attacks. Partially can be explained by short nap the productivity increase by up to 100%. Reason enough for employers to face the Powernaps positive.

2. Intensive relaxation during the lunch break

, the ideal length for Powernaps is 10-30 minutes. Thus, a lunch break is long enough to freshen up in this way. From longer sleeping units, however, is not advisable. Then the body is of secondary in a deep sleep, which makes it difficult to wake up and ensures that you feel more tired after sleeping.

3. Saturated it relaxes best

After lunch, the body is usually sluggish. The best conditions for a power nap. The relaxed mind and the body can begin with digestion. Ideally, after eating but still 20-30 minutes for the nap are available.

4. In the environment, it comes to

the right atmosphere is crucial to the success of Powernaps. A calm, warm, darkened room is the ideal environment for a relaxing nap. Here the body can easily unwind and fall asleep quickly succeed. Is this not a separate rest room available, for example, an unused conference room be converted to sleeping quarters.

5. Legally on the safe side

, employees have the right to spend their lunch hour as they please. If someone wants to sleep, which is just as legitimate as a meal or a chat with colleagues. It may be therefore that employers the power napping occurs something strange, they can ban it but not.

6. Slim through relaxation

Marrying restful night sleep and targeted Powernaps takes positive impact on the figure. In sleep the natural hormone Laptin is formed, which acts as an appetite suppressant. Those who stay awake, however, felt rather the urge for a snack.

7. In a good mood by Powernaps

Powernaps are a good opportunity to hide the stress of work and not to let it get out of a tight office atmosphere. During sleep Serotonin is that lifts the mood. Accordingly Start workers after such nap motivated in the second half of the working day.

8. This sleeping postures offer for Powernaps to

lying is the best way to relax and recharge forces. Those who do not trust or do not have the necessary space available, but can also sleep in a chair. The chair should be as far set back so that you can stretch your legs and take a similar position the chairs. Alternatively, the head but also rest on the folded arms on the desk. If this attitude is to be used regularly, it is advisable to take a small pillow to the office.

9. Technical support for the Powernapping

There are a number of articles that the Powernapping easier. Classically, this includes earplugs, hide outside noise effectively. But is also very popular called the Ostrich Pillow , which is also known as the ostrich pillow. It is simply pulled over the head and provides the darkness, warmth and padding that are necessary for a successful power nap.

10. Again time to wake up

, it is important to wake up in time. On the one hand, to get back early to go to work, and on the other hand, in order not to enter the deep sleep phase. A timer and a mobile phone alarm clock to help this. Otherwise, a bunch of keys in his hand can be taken. Once the body sinks into the deep sleep phase, the hand, the Schlüsseöbund falls to the ground and you’re awake again relaxed. Alternatively, you can drink an espresso. This exerts its effect in the body after about 20 minutes.