“The Incredible 2”: Only fun in the cinema for the whole family?

On the 27th of September “Die Unglaublichen 2” finally hits German cinemas. The associated Lego game donates but already in the living room joy.

Film fans had to wait a good 14 years for a sequel, but from the 27th of September the superhero family Parr finally experiences new adventures on the big screen in “Die Unglaublichen 2″. Just in time for the animated film series, WB Games released ” Lego Die Unglaublichen” a few weeks ago .

On PC, PS4 , Nintendo Switch and Xbox One players can slip into the role of familiar characters – not only alone, but also in co-op with a friend or family member. There are many important characters, including Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, Jack-Jack and Frozone. Special Bonus: Some of the playable characters are guest appearances. For example, Dory from “Finding Nemo”, Lightning McQueen from “Cars”, Merida from her eponymous adventure and the famous Pixar lamp are at the start.

Riddles and crooks
The video game combines the family-friendly fun of Lego with the superhero caprices of the two animated films. Players set out to solve minor puzzles and skillfully use their characters’ unusual abilities to fight nasty criminals and save the Lego world. They can also relive their favorite moments from the two films.

Alone, the whole thing is fun, but its full potential unfolds ” Lego The Incredibles” but only with a co-op partner – as well as in most other Lego games. However, the family-friendly overall package means that adult players should be prepared to only be confronted with correspondingly harmless situations. Nevertheless, who can not get enough of the “Incredibles”, should be synonymous with the video game is not bad advice.